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Daniela RinaldoDaniela Rinaldo 


Hi guys,
I try to use Jitterbit Clod data loader to import data from csv file into Saleforce. I need to import data with master detail relation like, i.e., Account and Contacts and I would to insert new account and insert or update the information about the related contact, with just one operation.
So I do this:
1.  Extract the report of all the accounts with their ID
2. Make a vlookup function for each of the record that will look up the account ID based on the account name that you have (there is the forumla in the file)
3. Create CSV from the excel file.
4. Import the data with dataloader i to SF while using the account ID to tie the record to the proper account.

1. I must execute the match manually beetwen the CSV file's field and the jitterbit
2. If it does not find the account id fails inserting both  the account and the contact.

Please, could somebody help me?