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How a beginner should start with Sales-force Learning?

I have started using Salesforce in my new company but for now the use is very basic- feeding/pulling out customer database. I want to learn full-fledged Saelsfroce and excel in it, I am from non-developer/non-coding background. I have started learning the Salesforce Admin modules viaTrail Head.
It will be great if somebody can guide me since Salesforce is huge and I want to go step-by-step and learn each and every component of Salesforce applications. What could be the best way? What should I follow excatly?
Thank you
hi nam1,

salesforce provide free workbooks (pdf and html whichever is comfortable with you). I suggest you start with, then apex, then visualforce and so on...
link to workbooks:

good luck!
Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
Hi Nam1,

I think the best way to start with salesforce is with the help of TRIALHEAD. It helps you a lot because it have covered entire concepts and there are options for beginners, intermediate, Advanced etc. Its all arranged as module. I'm sure it will help you.

Amit Singh 1Amit Singh 1
Hi Nam1,

Salesforce provides workbooks for in .pdf and .html format. You should start with apex workbook, VF workbook and so on.

After completing the workbook you should start learning from Salesforce Trailhead place to learn Salesforce for beginner and Experienced.

Link to Salesforce Trailhead  is:

Also, You can find free training classes

Start learning Salesforce.
Happy Learning :)

Naveen KNNaveen KN
Refer this video click here  (

Everyone mentions trailhead but there's no guide for trailhead also.  So, I have compiled this specifically for beginners in salsforce with step by step guides about how to learn salesforce using trailhead


Salesforce ExpertsSalesforce Experts
Please reach out to us if you are looking for online training in Salesforce. . We provide crash courses on weekends as well to speed up your learning on salesforce skills.  If interested please feel free to contact on
Michael LuisMichael Luis
A beginner should start with salesforce training wich is must. It helps the beginner to learn and grab information about the basics of salesforce. You can also refer Salesforce Consultant ( Have a great day ahaed.
Salesforce ExpertsSalesforce Experts
Please learn from Trialhead which is best for learning Salesforce.
Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi
Hi NAM1,

I think the best way to learn salesforce is by Trailhead.
Here is the link below to start Trailhead and choose the Admin and Beginner which will make you understand the Salesforce easily:-

Please mark this as Best Answer if you find this solution helpful.

Thank You
Ajay Dubedi
Salesforce ExpertsSalesforce Experts
Hey Laxmi, I provide training in Salesforce for the coding part. Non coding part quite simple which you can learn via youtube. I have attached topics which i cover during the online session. Total charges will be 20000. It will be of total 20 hours. Please let me know if you are interested.
Vikas Arora 32Vikas Arora 32
Salesforce is a top-class software company who provide software solutions on the cloud that has completely changed the delivery and using the process of business software. It has an excellent and simpler interface to use and the great thing about it is it doesn’t require installation anything like a database server or application server.

There are various ways available to learn Salesforce no matter if you want to learn development or administrator concepts. Below are the exact processes you should follow to learn Salesforce ineffective manner:
  • First, start focusing on learning the basics; we can say an overview of Salesforce. You cannot be a good apex programmer until or unless you do not know the concepts apart from code clearly. There are free resources available there for the same.
  • Secondly, start learning and practicing java. There are tons of good books available to learn both cores as well as advance java.
  • After you are clear with both the above-mentioned concepts, then it’s time to move ahead. It’s time to learn Apex. Start off with a simple Hello World Trigger. Then move on to SOQL. After learning it, combine apex and SOQL. After learning these both as a whole, it’s time to move to Governor Limits, batch Apex, Visualforce, etc.
Well, there are various effective ways to learn Salesforce without even breaking your bank. Some of them are listed below: Both online, as well as classroom course candidates, are treated equally. Above all, practice is the key. Keep learning!
Salesforce can be easily learned with the help of Trailhead as there is full explanation of each module also once you are familiar with modules search for case studies and try implementing them.
I would say one of the best things to start learning salesforce is to first know about salesforce completely, What is Salesforce, why do we use CRM and what are the features of Salesforce which makes it number #1 CRM solution.
You can read in details here: What is sfdc (
Anand VarmaAnand Varma
Learning from simple topics  to complex topics is the best way for the beginners But they don't know which is simple and which is complex topic. So the trainer way of teaching will affect beginners a lot. I personally suggest crs info solutions where trainer has more than 12 years experience giving a lot of real-time examples.They supply daily assignments and useful video recording along with live salesforce training ( help the beginners to revise those topics. 
Kiran Kranthi 2Kiran Kranthi 2
I have joined in CRS info solutions for salesforce admin+ developer course, it is online course, not a classroom course. I have 2 years gap due to personal issues, so I thought to start my career with salesforce. I will have more time so I thought to learn from home, so I have chosen online course. I have attended to CRS demo class and then they invited to free classes also which are really helpful for me. In the beginning I don't know anything about salesforce but after attending few sample classes all my doubts are cleared. So it's better to attend their free sessions to understand the course very well. Then everything will be practical and they provide assignments daily, which are very good. I preferred morning batch which was so fresh to start every day and support is very good from the trainer and team Praneeth and priya. I would say CRS is the best institute for salesforce online course. Salesforce Training Australia (
Salesforce ExpertsSalesforce Experts
trailhead is the best way to go around...but i recommend you have a online trainer to help you guide you in the right direction...i wish you good luck-
GetOnCRM SolutionsGetOnCRM Solutions
I think one of the best learning methods is starting reading of Salesforce documentation, Salesforce video, forums and quora. These are the best platforms to learn Salesforce easily. If you want to develop Salesforce project than please visit: Salesforce development company (
Meenal Sankhla 21Meenal Sankhla 21
My take on this is just starting your journey with a trailhead first.
First, complete the admin trail mix module and then go for the developer trail mix.
Invest time and money on at least 2 certifications.
Trailhead is the best and easy way to learn if you believe in the self-learning process and is free of cost and you can explore more by reading blogs on the internet.
But You are the one who can invest money and need the trainer to help you with the journey then I will suggest you contact Sudhanshu Jain sir on LinkedIn. He is the great trainer for salesforce.

It totally depends on you, but most important is start taking action .Don't wait for a long time to analyze things.

Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47

Hi Stacey ,

 Firstlly start trailhead and then start to make small small component yourself and then making own small project which would help you to under

stand the basic needs and basics of component.


 If you find your Solution then mark this as the best answer.


  Thank you!

  Suraj Tripathi 

Ajeet Sharma 1Ajeet Sharma 1
You should try to ask this query in an active Salesforce forum ( and you will get good response for the same.
adil ansari 7adil ansari 7
Hi, Salesforce is really fulfilling the need of the hour. 
For more insight refer here (
Sachin Patil 1133Sachin Patil 1133
. You should start with apex workbook, VF workbook and so on. After completing the workbook you should start learning from Salesforce Trailhead place to learn Salesforce for beginner and Experienced. You can start your Salesforce training ( from the beginning with Salesforce 
Tina LeeTina Lee
You can read this article "most useful certifications and coruses for salesforce career path in the correct order ( "  and find out the correct order for you with the most suitable path for your Salesforce learning. They separate the Salesforce learning journey into 3 major paths such as functional, technical, and general with highlighted characteristics of each path, and provide you with some interesting points on how to get Salesforce Certified Admin certification, what other Salesforce paths you can do after completing Salesforce Admin certification in the correct order as you like.
Atonal WilsonAtonal Wilson
Trailhead is the best platform to start your Salesforce journey. And it is also helpful for professionals who want to advance their careers in Salesforce. Once you complete the Trailhead modules, join an online course and give practice exams. Apart from this if you want to learn something new then the power bi training ( has been prepared for beginners to help them understand the basic concepts of Power BI. 
Eden WheelerEden Wheeler
Congratulations on starting your Salesforce learning journey! As a beginner, Trailhead is a great place to start as it provides a structured learning path. Here are some steps you can follow to learn Salesforce:
  1. Start with the Salesforce Admin Beginner trail on Trailhead - This trail covers the basics of Salesforce, including navigating the platform, managing users and data, and customizing the interface.
  2. Practice what you learn by creating a free Salesforce Developer account - This will give you a sandbox environment to experiment with the platform and try out different features.
  3. Focus on one area of Salesforce at a time - Salesforce has many products, so it's important to focus on a specific area, such as Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. This will allow you to go deeper into that area and gain expertise.
  4. Join the Salesforce Trailblazer community - This is a great way to connect with other Salesforce users and experts, learn from their experiences, and ask questions.
  5. Consider getting certified - Salesforce offers a range of certifications for different roles and products. Getting certified can help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers.
Remember, learning Salesforce is a continuous process, and it takes time and effort. Don't be afraid to ask questions, practice what you learn, and keep going. Good luck on your Salesforce learning journey!

You can also check this : Machine Learning Online Training (
Gabriel LinusGabriel Linus

Hey nam1,

It's wonderful to hear that you've embarked on your Salesforce journey at your new company! Your decision to start with Trailhead, especially given your non-coding background, is a wise one. Learning the basics step by step is the way to go.
Trailhead is an excellent resource for building your Salesforce knowledge, and you'll understand everything easily because Salesforce has lots to explore.
For a quick start with Salesforce, I recommend reading the article Salesforce Quick Start - Packages From Kick-Off to Customization & Beyond ( It offers valuable insights into Salesforce navigation and will provide excellent guidance as you continue learning.