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Michael PlunkettMichael Plunkett 

Lightning component not showing in App Builder

Running into a strange issue -- I have developed several lightning components that are displayed in Lightning App Builder. I added a second one that has all the same "implements=" as the other ones, but for some reason is not showing as an option in App Builder. Given the fact that other components are showing up - any ideas/thoughts on things to check? Here is my aura:component line:
<aura:component controller="SecureSiteController" implements="force:appHostable,flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes,flexipage:availableForRecordHome,force:hasRecordId,forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes" access="global">

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Dogan Turkcan 9Dogan Turkcan 9
Hi Michael,

I had the same issue, when lightning component has errors. That time it doesnt show on the lightning app builder. 

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Dogan Turkcan 9Dogan Turkcan 9
Hi Michael,

I had the same issue, when lightning component has errors. That time it doesnt show on the lightning app builder. 
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Michael PlunkettMichael Plunkett
Thanks - I went through my code and realized I forgot to append "__c" to one of my aura attributes of a custom object. Updated and it displays now.
Dogan Turkcan 9Dogan Turkcan 9
You're welcome Micheal. If this solves your problem, please mark it as the answer.
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
Hi Dogan,

I had the same. I stripped the code down to the bare minimum and it appeared so now to track down the error.

Many thanks.

And seasons best wishes!
Rebecca HendricksRebecca Hendricks
@Michael Plunkett, Thanks for this suggestion. I had copied an already created Lightning Component bundle to use, and there were several attributes that are used in the other component that do not exist in this one.  Once I commented out the attribute call for those components, it appears in my App builder.  Now I've got to alter the code to display what I want it to, but at least now I can start playing around with it!!!
Terry Ulanch 8Terry Ulanch 8
I was having a similar issue, the custom componet would show up as lightning custom componet

 Setup->Custom code->Lightning Componets
 but not in the listing in the lightining page creation list of available lighting custom components 

to resolve  I  had to change the  componet (.cmp) source to this...

<aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes"  access="global" >

Jake BackuesJake Backues
One thing to note is that a Lightning App component will not show up in app builder, it must be a normal lightning compoent, this was my solution to the same problem.
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
I encountered the issue again. I had to delete the SVG and Design elements before it worked. I guess the error was in the SVG element.
vivek saivivek sai
I have the same issue even after setting the <aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes" access="global" > and the domain is even deployed to the users.Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
sushanth reddy milesushanth reddy mile
@Terry Ulanch 8
Thank you.
Raju Cherukuri 26Raju Cherukuri 26
Please verify <isExposed>true</isExposed> in .js-meta.xml file

If this is not set to True component wont show up in Lightning Components in Org

Jake BackuesJake Backues
@Raju, the Aura Lightning Components don't have the meta file with the isExposed tag (the original question on the thread is in regards to Aura.

However for Lightning Web Components that is good advice.
Praveen Kumar 678Praveen Kumar 678
Adding my experince with Lightning web component- my component was not visible on Lightning app builder and i checked for errors as suggested by other folks here but found no error. Then i read somewhere, we need to add fqn attribute - added the same as below and my component started to show up in app builder. courseInfoCustomStyle is the name of my file.

<LightningComponentBundle xmlns="" fqn="CourseInfoCustomStyle">
Victor LockwoodVictor Lockwood
@Praveen - Same thing, that's for LWC, not Aura.  OP is using Aura.

For anyone confused - LWC and Aura are two different ways to create Lightning Components.  It gets confusing because "Lightning Web Component" has "Lightning Component" in the name, so you may assume the terms are interchangeable. 

One of the key giveaways when someone doesn't specify which kind of "Lightning Component" they're building is the tags; LWC doesn't use the <aura:component> tags, it uses <template> tags.
Erick MoriErick Mori
Hi Michael, 

In my case I just saved the component again, after that the component show in app builder.