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Vincent WighVincent Wigh 

Lightning Certification link in Webassessor?

I'm new to the development network of salesforce, having come from hubspot platform.  To get started the quickest way, some Salesforce reps I spoke with suggested I get certified first in Lightning Certification.  However, on webassessor, I'm not seeing that certification or I'm missing the title.  Does anyone know which cert exam I should do to get started developing as a certified dev in that niche?

I;m also asking opinions on the type(s) of certications for salesforce to get the most traction with client needs.  Ie.  what certifications have the most demand so I can begin dev for Saleforce clients asap?
Hi Vincent,

Currently there is no certification solely based on lightning. However you can start with salesforce appbuilder which covers declarative side of salesforce or salesforce platform developer 1 which covers basic programing with lightning framework. So if you are trying to have a developer carreer you can go for both certifications even though only developer 1 will have programming related topics. 

Please go through these links for more info.,
Appbuilder : http://certification.salesforce.com/appbuilder
Dev 1 : http://certification.salesforce.com/platformdeveloperI

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