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Jason OldJason Old 

How can I reset my hands on org password?

I am trying to do a password reset for my developers hands on org but am not receiving any emails. They are also not in any spam folder.

Can anyone advise how I can get a password reset? As I am the only user of this org there is no-one else can can access the org.

Please help as I have lots of work in there.


Nishad KNishad K
Hi Jason,

First, go to Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability and make sure the Access level is set to All email. If it is set to No Access, the user will not receive the password reset emails.

Jason OldJason Old
Hi Nishad

I am unable to get into the org so I can't get into setup.


 Hi Jason Old,
  May I suggest you please raise a case with "Trailhead support team" (trailhead@salesforce.com)along with the UserName of respective developer org.only they have the Acces to Reset the password.

I hope it will be helpful.

Please mark it as solved.so they removed from unanswered questions.and more appear as the proper solution to similar kind of issue.

Best Regards
Jason Old 2Jason Old 2
Thankyou Rahul

I could not find a way to raise a case through the trailhead so I have sent an email to the address you mentioned in your mail.