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Neha DabasNeha Dabas 

Case Feed for email messages not visible to community users

Hi Everyone,

We have a requirement that community user should be able to view the case feed for email communications associated with case.
Somehow email case feeds are visible to community users in full copy sandbox but not in production.
We compared the two orgs but everything seems to be in sync. 

So far we have checked below items:
  1. Community user has access to the case.
  2. Emails involved have IsExternallyVisible = true.

But somehow the feedItem record for the email is only visible to internal users.

Please help me find out, what am I missing.
Paul Foley4Paul Foley4
I'm having the same issue
Mark McDonnell 29Mark McDonnell 29

Would this work?

Kirsten CoxKirsten Cox
This post is like 5 years old, so I'm sure the OPs have moved on from the issue, but if anyone else comes across it, this is what I did to resolve the issue:
  1. Go to and execute the following query on the EmailMessage object:
    SELECT id, isexternallyvisible from emailmessage where isexternallyvisible = true
  2. Export as CSV
  3. Create two copies of this document; one with the isExternallyVisible column set to true, another with it set to false for every record
  4. Go to and log in with your SF credentials into whichever environment you're testing in
  5. Create a new task with the following settings:
    1. Connection (whichever org you signed into)
    2. Operation = Update
    3. Object = EmailMessage
  6. Upload the file with isExternallyVisible set to false
  7. Map the id column with the email message id, and the isexternallyvisible column to isexternallyvisible (if you used the same document headers from the workbench export, this will automap)
  8. Run the task, and wait for it to complete
  9. Update the file associated with that task to the one with the isExternallyVisible column set to true
  10. Run the task again, and wait for it to complete
Voila! You have done the database equivalent of going to the email, unchecking and rechecking the box, and now your emails will show in the experience builder site.
Fletcher SimerFletcher Simer
Hi Kirsten, Thanks for this info. That was really helpful, and our old emails are now visible to customers in our site. Do you happen to know if there is a way to make future emails visible by default? Or would we need to manually uncheck and recheck the isExternallyVisible box for all emails?