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kishan C A 6kishan C A 6 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Could not find an Opportunity Line Item for the 'Edge Installation' opportunity with the 'GenWatt Diesel 1000kW' product, quantity of 1 and price of $98,000.

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

1.Please check if you have connected to same DE org where you have done your work in the trailhead.To do this click on" launch your hands on org" and select the DE org or trailhead playground where you have your work and then check challenge.


to Trailhead Profile -- settings -- make the DE org which you have worked as default then check the challenge.

2.Check the spelling of quote you created I would suggest you copy paste the names. 

Hope this helps you!

If this helps you, please mark it as solved.

Thanks and Regards
kishan C A 6kishan C A 6
Hi Sandya,
  I tried and verified the steps as u told,but still it gives the same error!
rajaa sekharrajaa sekhar

Hi Krishna,


go to lightning app builder then go to oppertunity page then in left find out related list ,drag and drop in middle page click save ,,then find out

Thank you


Add the product directly to the opportunity, that was the only way I could get it working.
It's confusing, since the challenge is to add a quote.

Trailhead challenge
Kelle CostaKelle Costa
The process goes... when you create an opportunity you need to have the products added to generate the quote.  The opportunity should include the product. 
Angela Sandberg 11Angela Sandberg 11
I am having this same issue, I have tried to add the item to the product section but when I do I also get this error

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Moriyama SanyaMoriyama Sanya
I got the same problem and overcame it.

In my case, I found this 
User-added image
I have changed language mode from Japanese to English. And Label and API Name are still in Japanese !
It may happen I activated quote in Japanese mode.
So I have updated field to 'In Review' and Save.
Ryo Sato 2Ryo Sato 2
thanks everyone
especially Moriyama-san
Raj B 21Raj B 21
Upon reviewing Sandhya's response regarding spelling of the quote, I noticed that the name of the quote that I had created had a "." a the end.  When I removed it, I was able to pass the challenge and move forward.  Whew!
Matyas CsabaMatyas Csaba
Hello RaJ  B 21

Quote name is  an auto number field
How  can you  add  the required  name "Diesel Generator and Installation for Edge"?
Ian Lin 32Ian Lin 32
It never worked for me. When I changed the instance to developer org for this module. It worked finally.
bang haobang hao
it works for me!
thank you  @Moriyama Sanya
abhinav gangradeabhinav gangrade
Try "Start Sync" on Quote.
Add the Product GenWatt Diesel 1000kW in the opportunity Edge Installation and in Quote line as well. Hope this helps.
Joel PosnerJoel Posner
Kuneek_Kuneek's solution worked for me. I put in the quote for $98,000 and I also clicked the down arrow next to "Products" in the upper right corner of the opportunity and chose "Add Products". I added it there too and it then worked. Whew!
Crystal PirtleCrystal Pirtle
I had the same problem but Kuneek_Kuneek's suggestion worked for me. Thank you!
BCDave SeidmanBCDave Seidman
I tried all the suggestions, and, in the end, like Ian Lin 32, using a different playgroung org worked fine. No idea what was wrong with the previous pg org which had been created just a week ago (whereas the one I got the solution validated on is from 2016!)
Ayumi KannoAyumi Kanno
I just found that when Trailhead challenge says "status must be 'In Review'", we need to make sure that API Name is "In Review" as well. Changing the picklist label "レビュー中" to "In Review" didn't work. FYI:)
Mario AltmannMario Altmann
Worked for me finally, when i clicked "Start sync" on quote.