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Baskaran Subramanian 24Baskaran Subramanian 24 

No clear documentation to test external webservice endpoint URL's. Please suggest.

Hello, is there any documentation that helps testing external web services endpoints using ZAP and Burp scanners?? I have searched everywhere in Google does not find a one. We are consuming web services from SAP. i.e., making callouts from Salesforce to SAP. Also, we are about to submit scan reports for the security review. This became a roadblock that we have difficulty to find right articles to start with. Please suggest. Would appreciate your help. Thanks a lot
Ken Koellner @ EngagewareKen Koellner @ Engageware
Did you ever get any answers?  The stuff I found on the ZAP scanner on SF sites explains how to scan a web page application.  I don't see anything about how to scan SOAP and REST web services.