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Refresh Sandbox

I need some expert opinion on this.
We have two full sandboxes where one of them(FFDEV) has been given our finanacialforce consultants who worked on some huge project. That financialforce project was on hold for quite some time and because of this the FFDEV has not been refreshed for last 10 months. At the same time, we have done many CRM changes via the other full sandbox to production. Now that we want to restart the financialforce project, we do not want to loose any of the development done by the financialforce consultant in FFDEV, how can I get the latest prodution refreshed to FFDEV? A normal refresh will erase all the developments done in the first phase of project. Do you have any suggestions/advices? The Financialforce changes in FFDEV inlude huge custom ERP apps and many (MANY) customizations on top that. 
Your support will be much appreciated!
Derrick BillieDerrick Billie
Hey how2salesforce! I'd like to help you with your sandbox issue if you haven't resolved it already. The simplest way to solve your problem from my experience would be to move all customizations from your FFDEV to a developer sandbox via changeset. However be sure to include all components and profiles. I'd even go as far to test the functionality.  

Create an outbound changeset from your developer org with your working FFDEV components and profiles. 

Once that's complete refresh FFDEV. Move your changeset components and profiles back to FFDEV, test and your issue should be resolved.

Helpful links:


I really hope this helps you out! 
If you have follow up questions feel free to reply.

Should this resolve your issue feel free to mark this response as the best answer so it can help someone else within the community find answers quickly. 

Drrick, Thanks for the suggestion. I have already done this with a temporary partial sandbox to do the back up.