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Steven KizySteven Kizy 

Developer Console Scrolling Sticks

Our developer console in our Enterprise org has been acting up when you scroll it with the mousewheel the last few weeks, and support refuses to help with the issue becuase we don't pay them enough money I guess. 
When we try to scroll on the dev console using the mousewheel, it will keep fighting you, trying to scroll back the opposite of the direction you were trying to scroll in. This causes the window's scroll position to jerk around and makes it very hard to keep your place in large code files.
Has anyone else faced this issue? It is in Chrome
I am experiencing this myself...Only on chrome. I switched to IE and no problems. Wonder what's wrong.
Steven KizySteven Kizy
Thanks for the suggestion, we are using it on IE11 now without issues.
Anyone who encounters this on Chrome: try IE11 instead for the dev console
Going to submit a case for this. If they're going to put a browser based tool out there, they better make sure it works.
Michael MinnekeerMichael Minnekeer
I am experiencing this issue too.
This appears to be a wide spread issues, started happening to me with Spring '17, and over here at this stack exchange post (http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/157863/dev-console-jumpy-on-mouse-scroll) they state that SF support has flagged this as somthing for the Dev Console team to look into.

EDIT: new entry (https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p3A0000008gTYQAY) on the Known Issue site.
Nithesh NNithesh N
I am experiencing this Problem too (i am using chrome browser).
Whenever it happens, I am logging into Aside.io  (https://www.aside.io/login).  Thats the only temp solution for now or use standalone IDE.