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why used the viewstat development mode ??

why used the viewstae development mode ??
Hi Aqleem Khan,

Salesforce Development Mode::
A special development footer on every Visualforce page.
The footer includes an editor for the page markup, its view state, any associated controller, as well as a link to the component reference documentation. The page markup editor offers highlighting,find-replace functionality, and auto-suggest for the component tag and attributes names.
The ability to define new Visualforce pages just by entering a unique URL.

I hope it will be helpful.

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HI Aqleem
          Visualforce pages that contain a form component also contain an encrypted, hidden form field that encapsulates the view state of the page. This view state is automatically created, and as its name suggests, it holds the state of the page - state that includes the components, field values and controller state.

Thank you
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HI Aqleem

check with the use of view state.
Creation: In a visualforce page, whenever we use form tag then view state will be created for the page.
Purpose: Assume that, we need to display the user input form in 3 different visualforce pages. In first and second pages, user has to fill the information and click on Next button. On the final page, after filling the form if he/she will click on Save button, which ever the information we filled in the first and second pages should be also saved. View state will store the information which is filled in first and second page . To maintain the state of the page, we need view state.
Size: All the variables which we use in controller/extensions classes and expressions which are declared on the page will occupy the space in view state.
Governor Limits: Maximum size of the View State is: 135 KB.
Page Performance:
Whatever the variables information we don't required to maintain the state while navigating to other pages those variables we can decorate with transient keyword which won't occupy space in the view state.
Static variables also won't occupy space in the view state.
It is recommended to use only one form tag. If there are multiple form tags hierarchy of the folder structure increases which will occupy more space.

Thanks All but best answers Buggs sfdc