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Curtis JacobsenCurtis Jacobsen 

Clickin on Lead Capture tab i get this warning

You are not authorized to access this page. Please contact your salesforce.com administrator for more information or raise a support case at help.salesforce.com, providing the following identifier for further investigation: 57c64c75-4ba6-4c9d-974c-1e7d6f1e4bd5.
Naveen PoojaryNaveen Poojary
Hi Curtis Jacobsen,
Are you using admin login or any user? If any user please check with the admin for access permissions
Unni MenonUnni Menon
Hi Naveen,
In my case i am an admin user with "permission sets" completed. But message is the same. 
Lau Ming YinLau Ming Yin
I got the same warning, even the first test lead is generated, the task run with warning. I have all permission set set correctly and facebook form with admin right to authorize