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eswar R 1eswar R 1 

can any one tell me what is visual force page components

Hi Eswar,
  • Visualforce components are small, reusable pieces of functionality—think widgets, panels, user interface elements, that kind of thing—that you use in Visualforce page markup. You can use standard Visualforce components, and create your own custom components.
I hope it will be helpful.

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Indranil Deria 7Indranil Deria 7
Hi Eswar,

A Visualforce page can contain a mixture of HTML and Visualforce components.The HTML and component tags need to be well-formed, and all pages begin with the page component.
For example, here is the most basic Visualforce page: 
Each component has a set of optional and required attributes, which provide additional information to the component. For example, the following attributes remove the sidebar and top header in a Visualforce page:
                  <apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false"><!-- sidebar -->

       <apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false"> 
            <apex:outputPanel layout="block" style="font-weight:bold">  <!-- outputPanel -->
                     VF Component.