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Ian Wright 3Ian Wright 3 

Assigning users to custom projects object help


I'm running into an issue where I have a custom object called Agent_Project__c.  What I'm hoping to do with this is allow various leadership groups and management users to create their own projects and assign however many users to the project.  I can't do set groups because I want the user to have the flexibility to add and remove users from the project whenever they need and there to be a related list to show all users assigned to the project.  The rest of the functions I can make but this one part I'm stuck with. 

Any ideas or help?  Anyone out there that has done something similar?
Have you tried assigning the users to a profile, which sits under their managers role hierarchy? 
Ian Wright 3Ian Wright 3
We wouldn't be able to do that since we already have a fully setup profile and hierarchy(we want to use the current profiles thata re already setup). Also, I feel like that might limit what users can be assigned.  For example, if someone in one profile wants to also have someone in another profile involved with their project, they can still add that user to the project. What I'm hoping to do is that anyone in any of the profiles with access can create the project, and then can at any time remove or add users to the project they assign out.  

Hopefully that makes better sense.