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Dipika RajputDipika Rajput 

can we add action on list view in lightning?

Dipika RajputDipika Rajput
Actually I want to add quick action or lightning action on list view layout of on click of this action or button by multiselecting records from list view I want to perform particular action for those selected records only(in lightning)
hi Dipika Rajput
you can use standred buttons/action or create new custom button for list view in lightning.
in lightning ---> setup --> object manager --> select your object and go to Search Layouts section
User-added image
User-added image
here you can create new action button or select standard buttons
hops it helps you  ,let me infrom if it helps you and mark it best answer if it helps you so it make proper solution for others in future
Dipika RajputDipika Rajput
Hi piyush_soni,

Thanks for your reply .
But what u mentioned in above answer that I have done already. but in this case after adding a custom button in serach layout that button is still not visible on list view layout of account in lightning .(It is visible in classic salesforce )
here is the refrence link for it hope it helps you to doing bulk action with checkboxs
http://Run a mass action on multiple records in a list view (http://Run a mass action on multiple records in a list view)
let me inform if it helps you
Dipika RajputDipika Rajput

In this link we have a feature listed at the last which is :- Alternative: Custom Visualforce Button

which will solve my problem but unfortunately this feature will be available in winter '17 .So for now it will not help me.

Thanks for your help.

Vivek S 42Vivek S 42

The feature you are looking or is now available as part of the Spring 18 release. you can add quick action also on the list view. 

Vivek Shatamraj

If you found useful please give a thumsUP :)
How to add "Actions on List Views"  for custom built visualforce page? 
Gaurav S 14Gaurav S 14
@Vivek How can we add lightning actions in list view?

thanks in advance,
sindhu yandrasindhu yandra
I created a custom list button which is not working in lightning where as it is working in classic.
Gaurav S 14Gaurav S 14

@sindhu: What source u selected for the list button?
If its onClick JS, it wont work in Lightning.

sindhu yandrasindhu yandra
Hi Gaurav,

I have selected Visualforce Page.
sindhu yandrasindhu yandra
I have created a visualforce page u can see the code below and assigned to list button :

<apex:page standardController="Address__c" recordSetVar="Addresscreation">
<apex:includeScript value="/lightning/lightning.out.js" />
<apex:slds />
<div id="lightning" />
<script> //Tell your Visualforce page to use ExposeVF Lightning app $Lightning.use("c:AddressCreation", function() {
// Write a function that creates the component on the page
"invokedBy":"AddressCreation" }, "lightning", function(cmp) {
Stamen Nikolov 4Stamen Nikolov 4

Mass quick action is a proper solution in this case:

David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
You can do this using the URLFOR() function with a lightning component that implements the lightning:isUrlAddressable interface.
stack overflow solution (
As part of the URLFOR() function, you can pass a parameter in the third argument.
What I haven't figured out is how to pass the selected list.Any ideas?