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Cliq setup "The System Cannot find the path specified"

Hi All,

While setting up the CLIQ, its giving me the error below, I don't know which path to set to make it working

User-added image

thanks in advance
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

Did you launch cliq.bat ? We can see the result of "echo Using %JAVADIR% to run CLIq" above with %JAVADIR% = Java for you.

..\%JAVADIR%\bin\java.exe and REM DL >=24 moved java (java.exe for windows) to the Java dir​ / bin

Strange launch.  That should be JAVA_HOME​  instead of JAVADIR (?)
@echo off

echo Salesforce Data Loader Command Line Interface Quickstart (CLIq)
echo ===============================================================
echo  .oOOOo.  o       ooOoOOo        
echo .O     o  O          O           
echo o         o          o           
echo o         o          O           
echo o         O          o    .oOoO' 
echo O         O          O    O   o  
echo `o     .o o     .    O    o   O  
echo  `OoooO'  OOoOooO ooOOoOo `OoOo  
echo                               O  
echo                               `o 
echo ===============================================================

REM DL >=24 moved java to the Java dir
set JAVADIR=""
if exist "..\Java" (set JAVADIR=Java) else (set JAVADIR=_jvm)

echo Using %JAVADIR% to run CLIq...
..\%JAVADIR%\bin\java.exe -Xmx256m -Djava.dir=%JAVADIR% -cp cliq.jar;..\*;lib\miglayout-3.7.1.jar;. com.salesforce.cliq.DataLoaderCliq %1

Mike ArthurMike Arthur
This worked for me:

Find the Java directory in Windows Explorer:
Javadir in Windows Explorer

I made a copy of cliq.bat since I couldn't save cliq.bat, put the above directory in your copy (see line 2):

copy of cliq dot bat

Run your copy of the bat file:

DataLoader Cliq

Mike ArthurMike Arthur
After all that I get "Failed to send request to" when trying to log in using username and password+security token.

Browsing other posts it seems that cliq is not using latest TLS :-(