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Ivana MiserdaIvana Miserda 

Event object purpose

Hi all,
I would like to get your opinion on this object and its purpose. More precise, my client is looking at way for user to be able to enter comments for certain record (for example Order - if a field changed, user would enter details like 'Client doesn't like new image', or 'Client happy with images but not with colour'), to be able to categorise those comments (category- Client happy, Client furious,...), and to trigger tasks of these comments.

We are looking at using standard Salesforce and only logical would be Event object but that's not actually its purpose. I am more leaning to an idea to create new custom object for this purpose.

Happy to hear any input. Thank you
Chatter is your answer.

Enable feed tracking for your object (for example, Order object).

This will help you in two ways.

1. You can include changes to certain fields, automatically to the chatter feed.
2. Any comments (chatter comments) added by your folks on the orders will be directly linked to the orders themselves.

And, individuals can Follow an Order to keep an eye out for any changes there.

Hope this helps.
Ivana MiserdaIvana Miserda
Thank you for your quick response!
I forgot to mention that I did recommend Chatter but for some reason these guys do not like Chatter. I have involed this in my 'options analysis' but i am afraid this will be immidiately rejected.
Ivana MiserdaIvana Miserda
Also, can you categorise chatter posts and makes reports on them?
How about Notes & Attachments?

Your users can add a note to the Order?
Ivana MiserdaIvana Miserda
but i cannot add custom field to Notes? category wise..
Ivana MiserdaIvana Miserda
SO .. chatter posts CAN be reported on
so the downside would be - they cannot be categorised and ...client doesn't like chatter :D but it is wither that or custom object i would say
Yes. Reporting on chatter feed is a possibility. However, unfortunately, you cannot categorize either of them.

Why do you need a custom object for this?

Can you not use couple of fields in the same Order object to achieve this?

You can enable history tracking on these fields to keep track of the changes.

Ivana MiserdaIvana Miserda
haha reporting is their main 'must have' requirement.

Fields on the same object would be messy. you would need to group comments with field tracking updates and it has limitations
(20 fields per object and only for 18 months)

And to answer why would I use custom object - I can have everything I need with custom object :)
I guess Custom Object it is!!!