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Melissa GMelissa G 

Copy Case Attachments with Visual Workflow

Good afternoon!

We currently have a flow that locates cases randomly to quality check our agents. The system then creates a new case (quality case) and links the original (agent) case. This was done so that the agent / owner of the original case does not know which case(s) have been quality checked (among other reasons). The problem is that the original case often has attachments that need to be accessed in order to quality check the case. The quality analysts can click a link to access the original case and open the attachments but, due to the volume, the extra clicks are becoming a time waster. Ideally, we would be able to access all of the original case's information from the quality case. We have pulled over the most needed information into the quality case but I can't seem to successfully copy the attachments to the quality case. I see references to people doing this successfully online so it appears it can be done. Right now, I have a flow that looks up the case, looks up all attachments on the case, and then loops the attachments. From that point I have tried to both move and copy the attachments by changing / copying the parent IDs. I have hard coded two parennt IDs (cases) for now for testing. However, I can't get either to work. Changing the parent ID does appear to change it but I do not see the attachments moving from one case to another. (I assume I would see the attachments under the other case if I changed the parent ID). If I try to create new attachments I get an unhandled fault. It looks like all of our attachments are stored like the following: https://cs12.content.force.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={!Attachment.Id}. This is the path I was trying to use but, obviously, something isn't correct. Can someone provide some suggestions on how this should be handled? Thanks so much!