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Adeline MooreAdeline Moore 

Submit for approval in my flow

I'm trying to create a Submit for approval screen in my flow. The flow is actually a membership application for Update of an existing Contact record. 

1. Contact already exists in Salesforce
2. after completing this application
3. I want the flow to be approved
4. Record updates take effect in their existing Contact record after approval

User-added image 
User-added image

Im using the VARSelected ContactID as the input but what should I use as the output? When I select the instance Status i do not get the Default Statuses of Pending, Approved, Etc.

After creating this Submit for approval what happens in the flow?
Does it pause until the Approver take some action?
I am creating MANY Record Updates to take effect after the flow is approved.

PLease help!!

Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
Please check the below link.

Adeline MooreAdeline Moore
I read through that Blog but it still doesnt answer my Output question. Are you saying I need to build a Process builder process that will trigger the flow? I thought I could just use flow to do Submit for approval?
Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
I got it, Adeline, you have to create a new variable in your flow and assign the instance status to it and use how you want !!!


let us know if this will help you !! 
Adeline MooreAdeline Moore
User-added image
User-added image
How do I assign the Actual Instant Statuses to the variable? 

I used this as default value = {!$GlobalConstant.EmptyString}

Where can I add the “Approved,” “Rejected,” “Removed,” or “Pending” Values that are usually attached to the Instance Status?