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I'm having problems moving reports to a different folder using the IDE

I've only seen 1 other post about this issue and the resolution there isn't working for me.

I'm trying to mass move around 300 old reports to a specific folder using the IDE.  These are the steps I'm taking:

1) create a new project in Eclipse, including the metadata for reports
2) locally move the *.report metadata files for the reports I'd like to move to the folder where I want them
3) highlight the "reports" folder in the Package Explorer and choose " -> Save to Server"

The result is that a large portion of the reports are moved, however any report who's metadata xml includes the <currency> element isn't moved, and the error message for each of them is "Save error: currency: Unsupported currency: USD" (or EUR, or GBP - whatever currency is specified).

Anybody have any ideas on this?
I just noticed that all of the failed reports were created on the same day, at the same time in september of 2011, all by the same user - a user which is no longer active.

A coworker mentioned this to me:
"In the past i've seen some interesting behavior with respect to old reports. When salesforce rolls out an update to the way reports work, sometimes they don't migrate the metadata for specific reports until they are run through the report UI. So you can have "invalid" report metadata laying around for stale reports."

I've run the reports and attempted to move them again and still come up with the same issue.  It seems like the age of the reports probably have something to do with my issue.  I will most likely just move what I can and then clean the rest up manually.