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workflow to check prior value and update checkbox

I have created a java script if my checkbox field is true then pop up will appear, 
to update this checkbox i have created a workflow when ever the status changes from closed to open then checkbox field will get updated and pop up will appear.

since checkbox is true as per above rule criteria, pop up appear everytime for any update in case object, which i really do not required.

i have tried below formula



and field update is

New Field Value = "True"

so how will i handle this?

Banwari kevat1Banwari kevat1
Hi sj_dev,
What is Evaluation Criteria for your workflow rule?
"Created and its every time its edited" if i change it to Created and everytime it meets its criteria then it throws me error by telling PRIORVAL is not valid
Hi sj_dev

When using the "Created and everytime it subsequently meets the criteria" it would run only once when the status is changed to Open from any other value and functions like priorvalue and ischanged cannot be used with this entry criteria

Are you trying to do something only when the status changes from closed to open?

Kind regards