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mukesh guptamukesh gupta 

Data Relationship

Hi Expert,

I want to create a relationship for below statment.

"A Student can register to multiple courses and A Class can have multiple Courses and each Course can have multiple Students."
"A Professor can take multiple courses"

1. Create Student Object  Master Detail(Course)
2. Cretae Class Object Lookup (Course)
3. Create Course Object Master Detail(Student)
4. Create Professor object Lookup (Course)

Can yoo please suggest. Is it right or not?


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Banwari kevat1Banwari kevat1
Hi Mukesh,
    You need to create Junction Object between Student and Course. And no need to create relationship field on Student and Professor Object

1. Create Student Object
2. Create Class Object Lookup (Course)
3. Create Cource_Student Object Master Detail(Student),Master Detail(Course)
3. Create Course Object  LookUp(Class), LookUp(Professor)
4. Create Professor object