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Is that available 'SystemModstamp' field in Custom Object History level?
For Example:
Custom Object: Done__c (having 'SysmtemModstamp' field)
History Object: Done__History (not having 'SystemModstamp' field)

Is that correct or not?

Please let me know.
Ashish KeshariAshish Keshari
I have not seen SystemModStamp on page layouts and hence I do not think it can be made to appear in custom object's History.
Can you please clarify your requirement a  more ?
Greg CooganGreg Coogan
SystemModstamp wouldn't be necessary on a History object. You just use CreatedDate. I'll explain further:

The "History" objects, regardless if it is tracking a Standard or Custom object, are chronological log of field changes on an object.
Each record in the log is created and then never modified. Therefore, they only need the date the record was created on the History objects. That field is "CreatedDate."
It's mean, SystemModstamp not avaiable in History objects. Plese let me know.