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M ParnellM Parnell 

Wave Dashboard Navigaion Trail - Personalize your Analytics

I keep receiving the following error message when attempting to clear:

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  Could not find notification on dashboard. Please check the requirements again." 
(Task - Create a notification to alert you when lost opportunities exceed a certain amount)

The alert is created and set to run. When you Save and Run the alert, it disables it for some reason and you can't see it as a widget in  the Notification Tracking section. When you Save only, it stays active and displays the widget on the Wave Analytics home page. It doesn't display on the Oppty Details dashboard though.

Any thoughts? I'd like to complete this trail and progress to the next part of the project.
Stefan O'HalloranStefan O'Halloran
I am having the same problem, this is after having issues on the the previous module and having to create and apply for a new wave dev org. 
Stefan O'HalloranStefan O'Halloran
User-added image
User-added image
Gayathri VadapalliGayathri Vadapalli
On the left side of the dashboard, click on the Lost Opportunities top corner (1), to set the notification and ensure the name is as shown in (2) and selected condition is correctly selected as shown in (3). Please check the "With these criteria" has the correct values too. 
User-added image

It worked for me. Hope it works for you now.
Jerome MengulloJerome Mengullo
Gayathri's answer worked for me as well *thumbs up
Kalyani RautKalyani Raut
User-added image
Facing same problem...I can see notification on the dashboard but sill getting message as:- 
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  Could not find notification on dashboard. Please check the requirements again."
Oscar Alejandro Garcia BenitezOscar Alejandro Garcia Benitez

the correct name is: "Lost Opportunities"  not  "Lost Opportunities Number Widget"

I hope that help you!

Charles BarsleyCharles Barsley
I got this to work by changing the name of my widget (top right in point 2 of the earlier screenshot) to "Lost Opportunities Number Widget"
Marc Henderson 4Marc Henderson 4
@ Charles: thanks!
Changing the name to 'Lost Opportunities Number Widget' worked for me also.

Thembi ButlerThembi Butler
Changing the name to 'Lost Opportunities Number Widget' worked for me as well.
Here's a related post, where I capture the workaround described here. Please see my post in this thread:

Thank you, and sorry for the less than ideal experience.
This one drove me crazy for longer than it should have. Changing the name to "Lost Opportunities Number Widget" worked. Error message could be made a wee-bit more descriptive (even though the directions to follow plainly clear).
Srinivas KoduruSrinivas Koduru
@Oscar Alejandro Garcia Benitez solution worked for me.  Cool catch . . . .
Shirley Huang 9Shirley Huang 9

@Charles Barsley Thank You!

From my experience, the following step is necessary:

1. Set Currency in USD, especially in a China Org;
2. Change the Widget's name from "Lost Opportunities" to "Lost Opportunities Number Widget"; 
3. Set the Notification's name also to "Lost Opportunities Number Widget";
4. Finally, Just follow up another requirement in trailhead challenge to finish setting your Notification, then click "save and run"!

Okay folks. We recently released an update to the hands-on challenge for "Personalize Your Analytics." It how has clearer instructions, has better validation where you don't have to change the name of the notification, and a better error message. Really appreciate your patience as we made this fix. Let me know if this resolves the issue. We truly appreciate input like this from the community. It helps us make our stuff better. Thank you!

User-added image
Cliodhna Egan 7Cliodhna Egan 7
User-added image

This is still not working for me. It is a new Analytics Org ( not using my Dev Org which is old)
I've been stuck with this during an hour... until I tried to set the notification in the Analytics tab of the CRM instead of Analytics Studio.
It worked perfectly.

My two cents.
Rich FiekowskyRich Fiekowsky
The problem in my case was that I had "Greater than" instead of "Equals or greater than". Practically, they would work about the same, in this case.
Bhavesh Jain 41Bhavesh Jain 41
Initially was struggling trying to change the name and doing a lot of changes. the steps I did to solve this challenge was
Move to the next unit
Come back to this unit and then I tried the steps by opening the DTC sales instead of the opportunity details Dashboard and was able to complete the challenge

Hope this helps
Adriana BotezatuAdriana Botezatu
I still have this issue. My org is new, I went through DTS Salws, Changed the Widget's name from "Lost Opportunities" to "Lost Opportunities Number Widget" and it didn't work so I changed it back to the original name. I made sure it's on the right widget and it's "equal or greater than" and I made sure it was "save and run". I am still getting the error message that it can't find the notification. I spent days on this now and can't figure out what's wrong.User-added image