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Vinothini murugesh 10Vinothini murugesh 10 

superbadge challenge8:Adventrue name not enabled while trying to insert opportunituy line item

superbadge challenge8

Adventure Name - Price Book Entry ID (Lookup via Adventure Name):
Adventure Name - Price Book Entry ID (Lookup via Adventure Name)
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vinothini,

Please find the below steps in order to complete the above challenge.

I'm using the when importing: 

1.Downloaded the Superbadge-Lightning-Import.xlsx and split it up/converted into Explorers.csv , Adventures.csv and OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv 
2.Insert Explorers from Explorers.csv. 
  • Since Opportunities contains Adventure Package which contains a lookup to Explorer and the Adventure I figured the easiest would be to start inserting the Explorers.csv. Before inserting the Explorer.csv I had to split the Full Name column into First name and Last name to match the Explorer-object's Firstname and Lastname column. 
3.Insert Adventures from Adventures.csv
  • Before importing Adventure.csv I removed the Explorer column since it was empty and I also cleaned up the data in the Description column cause it contained commas and was interfering.
4.Insert Price Book Entry from Adventures.csv
  • The Adventures has to be in the Price Book to be able to be added to an Adventure Package. Therefore I added a column in the called PricebookID and added the Pricebook ID of the Standard Price Book to the rows. 
  • Mapped field:
  1. Adventure Name - Adventure (Lookup via Adventure Name)
  2. List Price - List Price
  3. Active (Adventure) - Active
  4. Pricebookid - Price Book ID
5.Insert Opportunities from OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv. 
  • Mapped fields:
  1. Close Date - CloseDate, 
  2. Opportunity Name - Name
  3. Probability (%) - Probability
  4. Quantity - TotalOpportunityQuantity
  5. Stage - StageName
6.Insert Opportunity Contact Role from OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv
  • Mapped Fields
  1. Opportunity Name to Opportunity ID(Lookup via  Name) 
  2. Explorer to Explorer (Lookup via Full Name)
7.Insert Adventure Package from OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv
  • Added new column for Adventure Name in OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv and added the Adventure name (contained as a part in the Opportunity Name column) to all the rows. 
  • Mapped Fields: 
  1. Opportunity Name - Opportunity ID(Lookup via Name)
  2. Adventure Name - Price Book Entry ID (Lookup via Adventure Name)
  3. Explorer - Explorer (Lookup via Full Name)
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