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Unknown User Permission: ManageSandboxes

Using the Migration Tool (Ant) v1.9.4 to deploy from one sandbox to another both on Spring '17 results in 

21.  profiles/Admin.profile -- Error: Unknown user permission: ManageSandboxes
22.  profiles/Finance.profile -- Error: Unknown user permission: ManageTranslation

If the orgs are on the same release, how is the target returning an error here. 

Lots and lots of migrations to do so any help appreciated!
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Harrison,

The "unknown user permission" type errors are either because of-
  • The version indicated in the package.XML doesn't support the feature, or
  • The source environment is on a newer API version than the target, and it's supported in the former and not the latter, which is not valid in your case.
So I guess it is because of the version in your package.xml

Try to make sure your source and target environment will be on the same version whenever you plan to deploy.

If this is no longer possible, you can also manually remove the reference to that specific profile permission before deploying.

Hope this helps.

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I'm not seeing how this applies given the orgs are both on the same release. Can two Spring '17 orgs be on different API versions?

I'm using v39 to pull down and to push the metadata. Would the API pull down metadata it doesn't support?
Derhyk Doggett -Derhyk Doggett -

I was receiving the below error on a few profiles when trying to migrate changes from Sandbox A to Sandbox B.
Error: Unknown user permission: ManageSandboxes

To fix this, click the 'Match Production Licenses' button in each development Sandbox:

Setup - Company Profile - Company Information - Match Production Lcienses.


Aakash Solanki 7Aakash Solanki 7
While validating the components using ANT ,I am also recieving these errors as follows:- 
1)Unknown user permission: TransactionalEmailSend
2)Unknown user permission: CreateLtngTempFolder
3)Unknown user permission: ManagePropositions​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Any Suggestions??
Thomas MinneyThomas Minney
For ManageSandboxes it does not make sense to have that permission available in a sandbox. You cannot manage sandboxes from within a sandbox. This is confirmed in the UI by Setup -> Sandboxes only being available in your production org and not in any sandbox.