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Alexander VuylstekeAlexander Vuylsteke 

Find out which apps use API requests

Hi, we are hitting our API request limit and I would like to find out what apps are consuming requests.

I've looked into the Admin report with requests of last 7 days and the event log file browser application. However, in both cases I'm not able to find what I need.

How can I find out which apps are using how many API requests? Thanks a lot.
Ashish KeshariAshish Keshari
Hi Alexander,
I believe it may take a while to figure out - have you tried going through the salesforce articles about the limits ?
Alexander VuylstekeAlexander Vuylsteke
Thanks for your fast reply. I went through the articles, but to no avail. It's strange that there is no easy way to find out.

Does anybody has other suggestions?