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russell whitesrussell whites 

Split PST File into smaller Parts

MS Outlook uses PST (Personal Storage Table) file format to store your mails and other mailbox items. There is a limited size of PST file and if it exceeds that size limit, then the file becomes corrupted.Microsoft outlook does not provide any facility to directly split large pst file into small pst file.  

MS Outlook uses two types of PST files, one is ANSI PST and the other is Unicode PST.

1. The ANSI PST file format has a size limit of 2 GB and was used with MS Outlook 2002 and earlier versions.

2. Unicode PST file provides up to 20 GB size limit, which is used with MS Outlook 2003 and its later versions.

Heavy and Oversized PST contributes equally in making PST management challenging. As size of PST increases more than its limitation then users have to face lots of problems.Outlook users need to manage their PST file size properly time to time. Reduction of PST files size necessary for better file management. But as you reduce PST file size, there would be possibility of data loss.

Don't Worry Reduce PST file Size without any loss!!

Splitting a pst file can be done wtih Archive feature in Outlook. But split through archives prcoess can take yearly (or any other amount such as quarterly, or every 2 years.

I've had the same problem with oversized PST some time ago, so I found best Split PST Tool – Split Large PST Files into Small Ones divides PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id, and protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits.Performs risk-free operation of PST file splitting without making any change on the content or structure of original PST file and the original formatting or RTF and HTML messages.
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{ Also available in Corporate License and Home User’s License }

Download now :

Neil PattriqueNeil Pattrique
If the PST file is not that large, then you should try few easy manual tricks to split into two or multiple parts. And for that, you need to use Outlook client. It has some built-in features which you can use here, such as Archive, Import & Export and Move to Folders. By using these features, you can easily transfer mailbox content from one PST file to another new PST files. First you need create new PST files (as much as you want). And after that, you can transfer email items from PST file to those new PST files. Refer to this blog post for detailed information - Few Easy Ways to Split PST File into Multiple Smaller Parts | N. Sem's Blog

If the manual tricks take more than enough time or don't work as per your expectation, then you should use a professional solution. You can download free demo version of PST Split software to split PST file of any size into two or multiple parts. It doesn't cause any alteration or changes to the original mailbox content. It has three different options: split PST file by size, split PST file by date and split PST file by senders' email IDs. By using demo version, you can save first 25 email items of each mailbox folder of PST file into new PST files.

Thanks and best regards.
Sandeep Kumar 2065Sandeep Kumar 2065
Split Large PST files free by following the below mention method 
  • Create a New PST file, File>>New>>More items>>Outlook data file
  • Save this newly created file to a directory
  • From Mailbox select folder to move (Inbox, sent items, Drafts)
  • Under Move items select Copy to Folder 
  • Move to new PST file you created earlier
By this way we can reduce the size of PST and move data to new PST files.
Haris MartinHaris Martin
First, do try manual technique:
Just right-click any folder in one PST and then select "Move folder" to move it to another PST. If you wish to do this by date, use the unique Export feature of Outlook, and click the Filter button to select the date range. Once you have added the items to the new PST, delete them from the old PST location, because they are copied, but it still works fine.
Or else you can use the third party PST Split Software like PST Split software, Being a professional software, it provides unlimited features which not only split your large PST Files but do provide different option to split PST Files
samera samsamera sam
There are multiple solutions are available that Splits PST files into smaller ones. This helps to prevents file corruption. I found few solutions that can easily split large sized pst files into small outlook data files. Split by year, date and size is possible with multiple tools. I used this utility when my outlook was slow and facing memory issue. I used this tool
silong amazsilong amaz
Datavare Split PST File software is excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id, and protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits.It is fully capable of splitting all MS outlook item such as folders, contacts, calendars, journals, email folders. The software makes you sure that no actual data deleted during the process.This remarkable software help the users to work with many versions of MS Outlook as well as it is compatible with different versions of Windows.
Justin HansenJustin Hansen
There is the manual solution available to split Outlook PST files. Read this article which explains the easy to use solution to split Outlook PST file manually:

For instant results, you can use  SysTools PST Split Software.  It is one of the best software to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts. The software provides 4 option to split Outlook PST file
  1. Split Outlook PST by Size
  2. Split  PST file by date
  3. Split PST file by year
  4. Split PST file by Folder
Download Split PST Software for the free trial from here:
shripriya choubeyshripriya choubey
Here I want to suggest the free PST Splitter Tool ( divide pst files into smaller parts.
Pankaj DohrePankaj Dohre
There are many applications available for splitting the large PST file into small PSTs. So here I also recommend you the best software for breaking or cutting merge PST file into multiple PSTs which is MailsDaddy PST Split Tool. This application provides many advanced features as you can segment the single or multiple PSTs into smaller PSTs by the Folder, Email ID, Size, and Date range filter. 
To know more about this application just visit:
Emma jonsEmma jons
Last time, I want to split my significant data but I am un-professional that cause I take help to my friends he told me what is resolution to my question. He advised me to use Split PST Tool; first I download to this software and follow to complete process like download, browse PST file and after sometimes my file have successfully split into PST file. For more details please visit:- (http://
Vishal Singh 85Vishal Singh 85
If you are unable to find a fast and convenient way to split the PST file, do not worry, I will provide you a complete solution here that will help you get rid of your problem. You can split the PST file with the help of two methods. The first is a manual method which is very complex and is not easy to use for everyone, and the next method is any third party proficient tool which provides you a complete solution to split PST file. When I had faced this problem, then I used a PST splitter tool from Bitdataconversion. This tool is very easy to use, any user can split a large amount of PST file into a few simple steps.
Read More:
Erica Wilson 22Erica Wilson 22
Looking for a solution to Split PST File into Smaller Parts? I will provide you a complete and secure way to split them. Try KDETools PST Splitter which divides multiple Outlook PST files into small data files at the same time. The software is easy to use and download. It is fully capable to split each & every single data item such as Contacts, Inbox, Outbox, Calenders, and etc.

Visit here for more information:
Henry Brown 21Henry Brown 21
Look at the Advance PST Splitter tool is an excellent utility that can split large PST files into small parts as per the Specific Criteria like
1. Split by Size
2. Split by Date
3. Split by Year
4. Split by Folder
This advanced utility 100% helps the users to divide large PST files without losing any data. The split PST tool allows users to work with all the latest versions of MS Outlook and many versions of Windows.
For download the latest version of the tool visit here:
Vipul BehlVipul Behl
Must Download and Try Ignissta PST Splitter and Merger utility software which helps you to split large pst file to small size of pst file. You can split pst file with various features as follow
  • Split Large PST file by Size (MB or GB)
  • Split Large PST file date wise
  • Split Large PST file to Specific Email ID
You can Split PST file in Batch, and this software provide 100% safe and secure results, Download Trail Edition and split pst file with 50 email per folder.
Mateoa donaldsMateoa donalds
You can try ToolsGround Split Outlook PST Software to break your Oversized PST file into small size PST. This tool provides options to split PST file by specific size, folder, & year. You can easily download this tool.

More Info:-
brian skinnerbrian skinner
Get Split PST software is excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion. It is fully capable of splitting all MS outlook item such as folders, contacts, calendars, journals, email folders.  Visit here:-
john lowe 8john lowe 8
If you are facing split PST files problem issues, Use Split PST Tool which can easily divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id. The software provides several incredible options to Split t the PST file.  Read more : -
Patrick JoePatrick Joe
Yes, User can easily split the large PST files into small pieces with the help of KDETools PST Splitter. It split the large PSTfiles by date, size, year and folder. It supports all the Version.
More Read:
bradly andersonbradly anderson
This software helps you from password protected pst files which can smartly split PST files by using the option of addressing the password protected PST files. It allows you to split PST file particular according to size, date, account or you can also split PST file completely.This Software is supported by all MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. Read more:-
sid shansid shan
Split the Outlook files with the help of best Outlook PST splitter tool (, with this tool a user can split multiple Outlook PST files at a time. The tool quickly breaks large PST files and converts it into multiple smaller PST files. A user can split the PST files on the basis of date, size, and sender’s email address. Wider compatible, it is compatible with both ANSI and UNICODE PST files and with all versions of Outlook, Windows, and Mac. 
stan lee 9stan lee 9
If you are facing any king of issue with MS outlook data because of large and oversized PST files which are hard to manage then you can manual process which is simple and free that can easily split your large pst data ( at free of cost. But Using Manual methods to split pst file make you may lose your important data. However, there are many third-party software to split pst file without any hassle.  

I would highly recommend you to use this Outlook PST splitter software that can easily split your large and oversized pst files into several's parts. This software generate log report of entire this process to assist you in verifying the total number of items. It comes with so many advanced and well developed features to add more accuracy and efficiency in this software which provides lots of option to reliably split pst data.

Download link:-
peter Bay 4peter Bay 4
It's important to split your PST file, as oversized PST always creates an error or can also corrupt the overall PST file. So the better option is to split the data file and can store it as per desired parameters such as date, size, EmailID, etc. You can imply a manual method as well as a professional method at your convenience. 

I would advise you to try the free demo version of the PST splitter ( professional tool Stellar Splitter for Outlook, a tool with lots of features

User-added image
  1. Split infinite Outlook PST into smaller PST by creating New PST
  2. Divide PST File - Date, Year, Folder, Size, Email ID & other Category
  3. Split PST File all Data Items Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, etc
  4. Divide oversized PST files into any number of smaller sections
  5. There is no need to install MS Outlook for dividing large PST files.
Akash Singh 90Akash Singh 90
If you want the best solution to split your large PST file into a small PST file, you've come to the correct place where you get an exact answer. Using the advanced Split PST tool (, the users can truncate large PST files into small parts and make a new folder for the divided PST files. The users, after short the file size, can create a new folder. The software facilitates its users to select the desired length of PST files and initiate the process. While reducing the file size, the tool will run smoothly, and the users can quickly truncate the PST file by the 'Size' option.
Manuel ArthoferManuel Arthofer
If you have issue on your Outlook PST utility and the reason is their large size then here's perfect tool name softaken Outlook PST Split Software. The Software role is to divide larged sized Outlook PST with all saved emails, messages, contacts, calendars, appointments and other data items created by MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 etc. Software supports in all version of Microsoft Windows operating systems and is available with free demo version for trial.

Ashika MaxAshika Max

To split oversized PST files with ease, the MacSonik PST splitter tool for Mac is the prominent solution. It easily split PST files that are password-protected and those that are not. Users can split the PST files as per their desired size. The PST splitter tool enables the removal of any similar emails during the splitting process.

Quick steps to split oversized PST files - 
1. Launch the PST splitter tool on Mac.
2. Click Add file and choose the PST files. 
3. Select the desired splitting criteria.
4. Click convert to start the conversion process. 


Visit -


jos buttlerjos buttler
Split PST Tool is an advanced and innovative tool for dividing large PST files into smaller sections without facing any interruption. This app easily breaks large PST files into smaller files by size, date, email, or folder. The software is compatible with all versions of Outlook and Windows and it can easily split PST files without any data loss or damage. This Tool supports damaged, Password-protected, ANSI, and Unicode PST files without any hassle. it provides a simple user interface to all users where they can easily divide their large files without losing a single element of their data. New users can also take advantage of the demo version to test the exclusive features and the whole splitting process.

Visit here for the demo version:

Ray InmanRay Inman
Manage your PST file so that you do not face any problem. Managing a large PST file becomes difficult. Therefore, split it into several smaller files so that you can keep your system organized. Sharing a small PST file is easy. You can split large PST file on the basis of size, folder and year. I too have gone through all these troubles. I have also used many software, I found one software right. I will suggest you that you also use this software. Outlook PST Split Tool also gives demo.

Read More:
philip william 1philip william 1
Even if your PST file is enormous, you shouldn't be concerned. There are several alternative ways to reduce the size of a large PST file. PST Split Application, however, is one of the most and finest safe choices available to users. This utility is independent, thus it never needed other software or special settings for Microsoft Outlook to do the operation. All ANSI, Unicode, password-protected, and archive PST files are supported. The software accepts many files at once and has no file size restrictions. The application has a special feature that lets you divide your PST file by date, size, email address, and folder. Software with a graphical user interface (GUI) makes it simpler for both tech-savvy and non-technical users to finish the split process with a few easy clicks. It is installable on any version of Windows.

Get Further Information:-

rawat skyrawat sky

I am glad to share my thoughts on Ignissta PST splitter ( As someone who works with Outlook frequently, I have found Ignissta PST splitter to be a valuable tool for managing large PST files.

One of the biggest benefits of using Ignissta PST splitter is the ability to split large PST files into smaller, more manageable pieces. This not only helps to improve the performance of Outlook, but also makes it easier to back up and archive important data. Additionally, splitting large PST files can also help to prevent file corruption and data loss. Another advantage of using Ignissta PST splitter is its user-friendly interface. The software is very intuitive and easy to use, even for those who may not be familiar with complex software tools. The step-by-step process makes it easy to split PST files without requiring any technical knowledge. Additionally, Ignissta PST splitter is compatible with all versions of Outlook, which means that it can be used by a wide range of users. Whether you are using an older version of Outlook or the latest version, Ignissta PST splitter can be used to effectively manage your PST files.

In conclusion, if you are someone who deals with large PST files on a regular basis, I highly recommend giving Ignissta PST splitter a try. With its ability to split large PST files into smaller pieces, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with all versions of Outlook, it is a valuable tool that can help to improve the performance of Outlook and prevent data loss.