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Marco GilMarco Gil 

Seeking SF Data Expert To Clone Existing Salesforce Organization

I'm looking for a salesforce partner that has experience in cloning salesforce instances. Currently, we have 1 organization with 3 users. We want to split the organization into 3 different organizations and one user per organization but maintain all custom objects, fields etc. 

The manner in which we would decide which Data goes with which organization is easy enough as we have an ownerid to tie the object/contact/account/company to the user. 

I would consider doing this myself but unsure of the process. 

Any ideas/suggestions?
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Marco GilMarco Gil
Already completed. Thanks.

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Alexander Charles GilfellonAlexander Charles Gilfellon
I understand that you want to duplicate 1 org's data in another org right? This includes meta-data also. You can achieve this using Eclipse or Salesforce Ant. Datamigration can be done through data import wizard or Data Loader
For Force.com Migration Guide Check this pdf: https://resources.docs.salesforce.com/sfdc/pdf/salesforce_migration_guide.pdf 

Greetings !!
I am Ashish Sharma , I am a certified salesforce developer /consultant .
I am in salesforce ecosystem from last 4 years .
My services are below.
Design Solution on force.com
Develop visualforce  pages ,apex classes ,apex triggers ,Integrations and any /k .such as reports/dashboards initial sales ,service setup etc .
     3.Support to existing implementations on adhoc and hourly basis .
My Salesforce Certifications are follows.
     1.Certified developer 401
     2.Certified App builder
     3.Certified ADM 201
     4.Certified sales cloud
I have worked on nearly 5 end to end enterprise applications and nearly 200 small projects/tasks in 4 years of duration.
I have worked on many integration projects where one of them is salesforce to citrix integration .
I would love to discuss opportunity to work with you .
Here are my profile links
LinkedIn : https://in.linkedin.com/in/ashish-sharma-☁☁☁☁-3b3b4a55
Salesforce Blog : http://ashishsharmadevsfdc.blogspot.ae/
Salesforce Discussion Boards : https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsProfile?userId=005F0000004uUXfIAM&communityId=09aF00000004HMGIA2

Please let me know if we can futher discuss your requirements.
Email :ashish.sharma.devsfdc@gmail.com
Skype : ashish.extentor

Marco GilMarco Gil
@Alexander Charles Gilfellon:

How complex is it for a newbie to undertake this task? I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy but this is something I haven't tackled before. Are there any good instructions one could follow to do this cloning and ensure all custom objects and data is migrated properly?
Contact me if its not done yet .. mayanksfdc@gmail.com 
Marco GilMarco Gil
Already completed. Thanks.
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Siddharth SethSiddharth Seth
Hi Marco Gill

I am a Certified Salesforce Developer.I work at AppPerfect Corporation.
AppPerfect provides a wide range of Salesforce services to automate business processes, build application services, implement security and provide integration with external systems.

Our Services are as follows:
. Build a complete secure data model with field level security.
. Help you automate your business by providing expertise in various aspects of process automation.
. Force.Com Development.
. Extend The Salesforce Platform.
. Make Every Application Mobile - Instant Available Runtime,Custom App Development , Heroku etc .
. Data Integration - Connect To Data Sources,Extend access with powerful API’s,Cloud-To-Cloud Integration etc.

Please write to us at salesforce@appperfect.com with your requirements and we can setup a quick call to discuss.

Best Regards, 
Siddharth S. 
AppPerfect Corp.
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In case you need this in future, you can use this tool to migrate/clone data from one org to another: http://www.sfdctimes.com/dumpit/