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Alex ValavanisAlex Valavanis 

DocuSign update stage closed won


Have no experience on code but want to create a trigger when a contract is Completed then stage of opportunity must be closed won.
I've read that i need to create a field first and then a trigger?
Is there any kind of video with a step by step guidance? Hope someone can help
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Missy LongshoreMissy Longshore
Hi Alex, I found this answer from Stack Exchange that looks like it could help you: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/115336/update-opportunity-stage-when-docusign-envelope-status-is-signed. HOWEVER, if you've never written a trigger before, I really don't recommend just diving in, as they're tricky. Trailhead is a good place to start learning development if you'd like to move your career down that path. Instead, I'd recommend you do something like set up a process builder or workflow to trigger off of existing fields. I'm not sure what fields you have available, but you could write a process that says: when the signed date is not blank, update the opportunity stage to closed won. Best of luck! Missy PS. FYI there's a great resouce called 'Automation Hour' that goes over Process Builder and this type of automation all the time!