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Bill Hare 29Bill Hare 29 

remote site named PVS_API

getting the error - 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find a remote site named 'PVS_API' with the remote site URL of 'https://api.metamind.io'. tried it more than once - nothing worked - any ideas?
Bill Hare 29Bill Hare 29
PS - this is in the TRAILHEAD module - thanks for any help!  :)
Lalit JainLalit Jain
Hi Bill,

I am able to complete the Trailhead Predictive Vision Service demo successfully. Please find below the screenshot of the same. Please follow all the steps mentioned in this below URL. I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out to me in case you need any help.


Predictive Vision Service DemoTrailhead
I am stick in the same problem. Have repeated the steps for some thrice but still its the same result.. "Could not find a remote site named 'PVS_API' with the remote site URL of 'https://api.metamind.io'."

Were you able to get through?
Hey @Bill,
Here's a good news for you. I was trying after posting it here and found myself in a position by which I was able to clear this challenge.

Just beside the "Verify" button, there is another button which says "Launch your development org". Click on that to make sure you are working on the same org which the trailhead is checking. I made this mistake and after I created the remote site in the org that opened, my challenge was complete. 

Lalit JainLalit Jain
Just to clarify... you need to create a new Remote Site with the name as 'PVS_API'. I hope this helps.