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Norm GilbertNorm Gilbert 

Collect Information from Users and then Operate on It with Visual Workflow Bugs and Problems

This Challenge is full of bugs and lacks instructions on how to complete it.

In the real world, the flow that passes the challenge would never work properly and would mess up a company's data. 

As reported elsewhere, the flow created can be total garbage, the challenge only checks to see if there is a VisualForce page named "Flow Page". That's it and you pass and get the points.

But the student learned nothing helpful in this instruction.

Here is where I found problems:

1) The flow I wrote creates an account and a contact, but they are not related. Nor where they validated to be new data.
2) It is impossible to use a formula to make the CloseDate equal {!$Flow.CurrentDate} + 30. Create a new Opportunity step cannot be saved with this formula.
3) It is not possible to default the stage to Prospecting in the Create An Opportunity Step. I used a PickList on the User Data Entry Screen that provides all the stages set up for the org, and Prospecting is the default. But there is nothing preventing the user from choosing a different stage and passing that stage to the Create A Record Opportunity step.
4) While the Opportunity Amount is collected at the User screen, it is never used in the challenge.
5) It never creates an Opportunity because it doesn't know what Account to associate with the Opportunity.
6) Worst of all, the whole flow setup is written to require Adobe Flash Player. Innovative for 1995.

Would someone at Salesforce please have an experienced trainer/developer go through this module and fix everything that is wrong with it.

What was supposed to take 20 minutes took me over two hours to finish.

P.S. In a real workflow, there would be a step that checks to see if the Account or the Contact was an existing record and create a new Opportunity in the existing account and leave the contact alone and not create a duplicate.
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
Hi Norm, I received your feedback items submitted via the link Trailhead. My apologies for the trouble you had with this unit.

You're correct about some of the steps not being best practice. For example, we instruct the learner to input the Stage name manually, something you'd never do in real life. We also don't teach you how to use the a Text Template, Formula, or Assignment in the unit to add 30 days to the date (all of these would work), and that's a gap in the content.

I wasn't able to replicate some of the behavior that you mentioned, of having simply a visualforce page named FlowPage created in order to pass the challenge. Also, I'm not sure if you're using variables for each Account and Contact you create, but that's how you can relate those to the Opportunity. I think we need to make it clearer how variables work in the content.

Part of the problem is that Visual Workflow is a complex tool to learn, and it's hard to teach how to use it in a single unit, and then come up with a good hands-on challenge that is covered by what's in the unit. But I agree, we need to revisit this challenge and content.

As far as your comment about flash is concerned, I'll pass that on to the Product Manager for visual workflow.

My apologies again for the trouble with this unit.
Norm GilbertNorm Gilbert
Chris: Wow! Thanks for the fast reply. Interesting that in the very next module about workflow rules, time triggers are presented. But I don’t think I can use a time trigger in Flows, only Rules. Can you tell me a little bit more about variables? I saw that and figured that it was somehow required but didn’t know the steps to use it. I kept thinking if there were some way I could query the AccountID after adding the account and then use it in the next two steps that might work, except in some of the other objects, AccountID isn’t an option. I am an old fart. 68 years old. So I am used to the old key fields concepts and having to set the relationships by hand. Dbase was a bitch to learn and I only knew enough to be dangerous. But I love technology and staying current. BTW, my goal is to get certified before moving to Medellin, Colombia to retire. I am worried about being bored down there and my understanding is that Admin for a Salesforce org can be done remotely. True? Plus, no age discrimination for Remote Work since I’ll borrow Bradley Cooper’s profile pic. A little extra income can’t hurt although Colombia is dirt cheap. P.S. The part about anything in the flow might not be true. I based that on another user’s post. But I know that I did not meet the specs of the challenge and passed anyway. Norm Norm Gilbert Tour Guide, City Sightseeing SF M 415-465-4220 | F 415-423-3355 | | | Skype: fogcitynative | 355 Serrano Dr. #12A, San Francisco, CA 94132 "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure." - Napoleon Hill
Kent Robert CoughlinKent Robert Coughlin
Chris, regarding all the things you mention that would help us complete the challenge ( Text Template, Formula, Assignment, and variables) where would you point us to learn these things so that we can complete the assignment until you can address the gap in the content?
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
Hi Kent - there are several flow projects on Trailhead that can be accessed via the Projects tab at that can help you with these principles.

But in the meantime, I can walk you through what to do, here on the forums. Again, we're working on updating this challenge. We've just been working on some of the other problematic challenges first.

So you'll want to create a new flow and add a screen. Add text fields for first name, last name, company name, opportunity stage, and a currency field for amount.

User-added image

Then you'll want to do a Record Create for an account. Map the field Company Name to Account Name. When you create this Account, I recommend you make a variable to reference this account later. You do that where it says "Variable" - click that down arrow and choose Create New and make a variable "AccountId" for use later.

User-added image

Then another Record Create for Contact, and map First Name to First Name, Last Name to Last Name. For the Account, use the AccountId variable you made in the last step. Now your contact is related to your Account.

User-added image

When you make the opportunity, I recommend making a formula for the Close Date, and a text template for the Opportunity Name. Use the Record Create, and map Amount to the Amount field you created on the screen. Then, this part is *not* best practice (and again, we'll address it when we refactor the challenge), but just input the value Prospecting for StageName. Now, for the Name of the Opportunity, click Create New, and choose Text Template. (you'll do the formula in just a sec, but I'm showing you where both are in this image).

User-added image

On the Text Template, we give you the format to use directly in the challenge. 

User-added image

(continued in just a sec)

Chris DuarteChris Duarte
OK, so for the CloseDate, you want to use the Formula function. Select Create New, and choose Formula. You'll want to do a Date type formula, and use the flow's current date plus 30.

User-added image

The finished opportunity should have all of these fields.

User-added image

Now connect all of your elements, set the screen as the starting point, and save and activate your flow.

User-added image

So then you make the visualforce page as outlined in the unit, and then you can test it out from the Visualforce page launcher.

Again, we are refactoring this challenge shortly, and my apologies that it's given you all so much trouble. 
Kent Robert CoughlinKent Robert Coughlin
Great stuff.  Let me take another run at it and see what happens.  
Hoping to check in on the bugs with this Trailhead module. I've been working on it myself today and have noticed that the visualforce page steps have been replaced by steps to add the New Cusotmer Flow to the default Home page via lightning. This must be a fairly new development. I have completed the flow and added it to the home page and am continiously getting a 'Could not find the 'New Customer Flow' flow in the default Home Page.' error message each time I attempt to check the challenge. I can see the flow on all home pages. I have checked spelling multiple times. I have built out the Visualforce page as well in case the challenge is still looking for this. No luck after multiple attempts/changes/rebuilds. I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this since the challenge has been updated with the Home Page requirement?
Ravi Mishra 42Ravi Mishra 42
Even I'm facing the same problem as you Alisa and trying to complete the challenge but in vain.User-added image
As Seen The New Customer Flow is added to the home page layout
Tuyen Tran 1Tuyen Tran 1

You can review this section Embed Your Flow on the Home Page. I followed it and it works as expected.
Ravi Mishra 42Ravi Mishra 42
Hi Tuyen, thanks for your reply.
I followed the section Embed Your Flow on the Home Page and as seen in the image attached, the New Customer Flow is added on the default home page layout which is activated and saved as well. Still persisting with the same problem. Can any one guide in detail pls.
Garrett FortinGarrett Fortin
Having the same problem as Ravi and Alisa, above. Challenge unable to verify the presence of the flow on the default Home Page, despite its presence. Given the recent complaints, looks like this might have worken before and broken recently.

 User-added image
Ravi Mishra 42Ravi Mishra 42
I did al the same process in my developer edition , added to home page layout, and this time Bingo! Challenge Complete.
I guess it was detecting some problem in trailhead playground. I'll suggest you to do the same as well (try in developer edition)!
Alice Rebaudo 9Alice Rebaudo 9
Nothing, same problem as Ravi adn Alisa before, I tried also with the Developer edition but it not working. *see screenshot

User-added image
I had originally built the process in my developer edition and couldn't get it to validate. After rebuilding in a playground (opposite of what Ravi did) I was finally able to complete the challenge. If you keep getting the 'flow isn't found on the home page message' I'd recommend using a different environment to rebuild. 
Caroline MontoyaCaroline Montoya
I am having this same exact problem. Why is this happening? 
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
I just ran through it again right now, using all the same steps I outlined earlier in this thread. I then added it as a component to the Home tab. I had to refresh my home tab once to get the flow to appear, but it showed up. I'm not able to replicate the issue with this challenge not passing. I will need some more details on what's going wrong in order to help.

I provided detailed screenshots and instructions earlier in this thread on building the flow.
Jessica RectorJessica Rector
That was a doozie, but thanks to the screen shots and notes, i was able to get it to work.  Thanks Chris and Ravi!!
Elizabeth SElizabeth S
The support on this exercise is very helpful.  It is very difficult for those who are new to this tool.    I am finding that I have the wrong syntax for Opportunity Name - both as a formula and as a text template.   Apparently it doesn't like the minus.   I presumed this was an issue for the formula and created a text tempalte based on these instructions, but I get a similar error message.   I tried putting the minus in quotes to serve as a dash to no avail.    How do you appropriately format the opportunity name to pass the syntax check? 

User-added image
Elizabeth SElizabeth S
Can you also add information on how to add to the home page in classic, rather than Lightening?
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
There unfortunately isn't a way to add the this to the Utility Bar in Classic - you'll have to do that in Lightning. But all you have to do for that is to switch to Lightning. Click your name in the upper right and click Switch to Lightning.
Lauren HerreraLauren Herrera
Oh my gosh, I am going grayer than I already am! :)  I've spent too many hours on this!  I am glad to see I am not the only one having problems, I thought it was because I am new. I wish that these Trailheads would be tested on people who are new before they are made public to see if they are working correctly. 
Tracy GrahamTracy Graham
I am still having the same problem as many above.  All the steps have been followed according to the screenshots provided (thank you those were very helpful), the New Customer Flow was added to the default home page, activated, and saved, and refreshed, and the page reloaded and it is there plain as day (and spelled correctly) and still the challenge is not completed because 'New Customer Flow' is not found.

I have even tried moving it to and from the assistant column.

Please Help!
Abi BeatyAbi Beaty
I was also getting the "not found" error over and over, but set up the flow using Chris' instructions on my developer org, and it worked on the first try. Thanks, Chris and everyone who made suggestions!
Salesforce AnswersSalesforce Answers
This video shows how to make the flow and to make it the default home page.

-- Salesforce Answers
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
@Andrea it's not necessary for you to do this outside of a Trailhead Playground. I've done the challenge successfully in my Trailhead Playground.
Andrea Rosselli 18Andrea Rosselli 18
Chris is correct!  There is no need to recreate this exercise in another environment.  Be sure to follow all steps exactly as written (that includes keeping the name of the Flow you create EXACTLY as it is in the exercise!).  Somehow, I got my title confused and that's what caught me.  If you have the wrong titled for your Flow, remove it from your default Lightning Home Page, delete it, and recreate it in your Playground.  Good luck!
Michael PiersonMichael Pierson

It Seems that Salesforce has changed the Hands-On Challenge for this module  The new instructions seem incomplete and I'm stuck.  

The instructions are don't tell you that you need to have Opportunity Name and Close Date in the screen, I just inferred that from the "mark ... as required" section.  The instructions also omits what i'm supposed to use in creating the account and Contract flows.

User-added image



Chris DuarteChris Duarte
@Michael the challenge is the same, but we reformatted the requirements. You don't need the Opportunity Name and Close Date in the screen. The Opportunity Name comes from the Company Name and Last Name, as specified; and the Close Date is 30 days from today, also as specified. As far as creating the Account and Contact, an account has a field for the company name, and a contact has fields for first and last name. We're changing this challenge completely in our next release, to make it a simpler challenge, since so many people have struggled with it. We updated the instructions in the meantime because we had so many complaints about the prior formatting of the challenge text. *CHRIS DUARTE* Editor-in-chief, Trailhead | Salesforce @TheChrisDuarte *--*
Ed SarkissianEd Sarkissian
Why does it still say "Mark Opportunity Name and Close Date required" under the second bullet (In the flow, add a screen)?  Seems like those are remnants of the previous requirement to have them in the screen, no?
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
The walkthrough I provided was to help people pass the challenge. It shows actual field names in it. The challenge requirements in Trailhead are not meant to give you specific step-by-step instructions to pass. I reviewed this with our team this week and I agree, the reformatting here appears to have introduced confusion. We are introducing a new challenge in less than 2 weeks. But until then, the walkthrough I provided in this thread explains how to pass the challenge as it exists today. *CHRIS DUARTE* Editor-in-chief, Trailhead | Salesforce
Ed SarkissianEd Sarkissian
@Chris thanks I actually deleted my second post shortly after posting.  Yes you're right, I think I was confused by the presence of curly brackets in the challenge instructions, ie. {Company Name} - {Last Name}.

I do believe though that my first post still applies.  If I'm correct, then deleting that one line would save people a lot of confusion over the next 2 weeks.

Thanks again for the walkthrough.
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
Unfortunately, we can't delete that within the next 2 weeks. We have to wait for the next release. Thanks for your feedback. My apologies for any confusion.
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
OK so for those of you who have struggled with the existing challenge, I'd like to offer you a sneak preview of the new challenge. This is the one we're working to launch this month.
  • Create a flow named New Lead
  • In the flow, add a screen:
    • Add these screen fields: Last Name and Company Name
    • Mark Last Name and Company Name required
  • In the flow, create a lead record from the data entered, include the following fields:
    • Last Name
    • Company
  • Create a new Lightning page:
    • Type: Home page
    • Label: Process Automation Home
  • Add a Flow component that references New Lead to your Process Automation Home page
  • Activate the page and set it as the default home page
What do you all think? Anything confusing or need clarification here? 
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
This is what it will look like. We'll have some bolding to call attention to the key fields and names.

User-added image
maurya sekhar 4maurya sekhar 4
This Video visual demonstration Collect Information from Users and then Operate on It with Visual Workflow.
Sameeksha NathSameeksha Nath
User-added image

Here I will give the steps to Solve the Updated Question--

1. Search for flow in Quick Find and then click on new flow.
2. Drag and Drop Screen to the Canvas Screen.
3. Give any name of your choice to Screen and then click on Add a Field Tab,select textbox twice one for Last Name,Company Name.
4. Click on Field Settings tab and give label as Last Name and Company Name and click Required checkbox.
5. Click Ok.
6. Now Drag and drop Record Create,give any appropriate name,and Select "Lead" as object.
    For Fields,serach for LastName and for value click on Screen Input Field Values and select Last Name.
    Similarly for Comapny Name.
7. Click on (+) on Screen as to mark it as start and connect 'screen' with 'create record' by dragging the connector.
8. Now Save the Flow with New Lead and type Flow and activate it. 
9. Now for last step,search for Lightning App Builder in Quick Find,and on clicking New App,select Home Page,then give name as "Process       Automation Home",click next and then click on "Clone Salesforce Default Page",then Finish.
                 Now a screen like this will appear

10. Drage and drop "Flow"  from Standard Object to the Canvas.
11. Click Save and Activate.

Hopefully it will useful.