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web to lead not working

I created the form in the Salesforce interface and enabled web to lead but (in debug) I get 

Reason: Your Lead could not be processed.

I have tried posting the form to either test.salesforce.com or myproductionname.salesforce.com

captcha_settings = {"keyname":"whitecommerce75","fallback":"true","orgId":"00Db0000000YwVE","ts":"1490782187662"}
    city = My City
    company = My Company
    debug = 1
    debugEmail = myname@gmail.com
    email = test@gmail.com
    encoding = UTF-8
    first_name = john
    g-recaptcha-response = 03AOP2lf7Uz0-D_yjhxnf6v_WgXD4oqORjRc4KGkSMbXi-oiwyWGv_qK9jZ7D2Joi5kcY40Nx86p1EEnVGc9AiayMXQ7FWEEALeTPjs1kMakFvgYaqxbOsn6fPLjsgsXNRHEHkoyNx8GiA_6KxWCkuWES_TRGjGsLnfBecbY84gWeyOoB2Vw8Rb76dhK-JG68zjQHNY2sl837q7sZP8R84wYgbgiLYzDCRc0ea4GJFse4xhaSL74p1QYYHQvjSjTOK5_rLkfR0f8VO_zD2Y8AL4JJwEIGGBQompk1MurHh_PB4-wPV-xdfVLqyDbqaaXtYmoUrLOyg2QmyFPt7xxJSmAo1BAy32kGmfM8Y6Rcbe5N7UkAkpMiELI0tXPLXm8sjsq9xR_Q7gql_vZB4d2kbD-_0LIJrTssDDw
    last_name = My Surname
    oid = [oid value]
    retURL = http://mydomain.co.uk/salesforce-return-page/
    state = My State
    submit = Submit

If I do not use
reCAPTCHA API Key Pair  it works.

If I use the 
reCAPTCHA API Key Pair the captcha is displayed and appears to function correctly but the data is not passed to my salesforce although it redirects to the results page.

The correct javascript code generated is incorporated and the Google Captcha for the domain is registered correctly.