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Tim BarsottiTim Barsotti 

LEX - Dynamically set record type prior to creating record

Hi All, this is a Lightning question.

I am wondering how to prepopulate / preset field values in a standard page layout using standard "New" functionality. Use case:

I have a Parent Object and a Child Object. The Child object should derive it's record type dynamically from the parent object.

    E.g. a picklist on the Parent has the values Type A, Type B, Type C

When a new child record is created from the parent, I would like to dynamically set the record type of the child to A, B, C.

The page layouts are different for each A, B and C. I would like to use the standard functionality of "New Child" to create these records. 

Quick Actions: do not allow dynamic binding of record type. They also do not have the capability to use standard page layouts. So having a unique button per record type is unacceptable. 

URL Hacks: Work great in classic - unsupported in LEX. 

Thanks in advance. 

Jay reddyJay reddy
Hey @Tim ... Did you find solution for this requirement??