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Justin DiGraziaJustin DiGrazia 

Mars Rover Final Step Error

The steps in somewhere over the rainbow don't work.  
Note: You must create at least one new Communication record in order to complete this step.
Click  and select Communications.
Click New.
Give the record any name, and fill out all fields with values you choose. Click Save & New.
Create a few more records with different options. Be sure to select a different number each time.
Click and select Groups.
Select Life on Mars.
View the Chatter posts that the rover created.

I get the following error:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find a record in the Communications object. Ensure that you insert at least one record before attempting this challenge.

The 2nd module asks for an object called communication or plural communications.  I generated various records and nothing works including updating the group publisher layout to add records.  Please advise.
Did you create a new communitcation record?  For this, go to Communication tab, click New. Fill in the info and click Save button.  This will create commnitcation record.  Thats all
Justin DiGraziaJustin DiGrazia
Thanks - but now a few days has gone by and I can't find the comms record.  I created a record, no luck.  When you say "communications tab," where is this?
Justin DiGraziaJustin DiGrazia
I have a communications object.  I have 3 records and yet I get this error:

Could not find a record in the Communications object. Ensure that you insert at least one record before attempting this challenge.
victor fenesvictor fenes
Hi guys, I have the same problem here. I added the communications object through the object manager but it doesn't show up anywhere so I cannot add any records... Any ideas? This is my first challenge and I am so frustrated!

Million thanks!
Bill Hare 29Bill Hare 29
I have the communications object but when I pull it up I get the error - This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning Experience or Salesforce1.
Any ideas?
Herbert Cruz 10Herbert Cruz 10
I have the same issue - no Communications option available in the app launcher - in either of the sections.

I created the Communication custom object already.


If you are not finding the Communication option in app Launcher it means you haven't created a Tab for the object.

To create a tab, go to setup--> tabs.  Click on create new custom object tab.  From the object dropdown choose Communication, choose any tab style and save.  Now Communications should be available in app launcher.

User-added image

Mark Wood 10Mark Wood 10
I created the tab (which is missing from the tutorial by the way) and the created my communication records, but when I went to verify my work, I got this message:
User-added image

It appears to be an error with my custom object Communication but I checked it and it has a __c appended to it.

Any ideas what went wrong?
Can you screenshot your Communication custom object from setup?
I created the tab - but I found that even then I got the error: This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning Experience or Salesforce1.

However, when I switched to Salesforce Classic I was then able to create the record and see the post in Chatter - and successfully complete the trailhead.  I am suprised, however, it does not work in Lightening as the steps are Lightening steps...any ideas?
You need to add the communications wizard from the 2nd part of the challenge.  If you did not select that tab you have to rebuild everything.  First remove all the links to the communication object from the Process Builder.  Once you remove the links than you can delete the communications tab and start all over.  It goes pretty quickly once you redo it though it took me some time to figure it out.  

Steps Create a new customer object called something else, possible communicate do the same thing over again>  Add the same fields from the pick list etc>  Go to process builder and create a new process using this Communicate Object>  Deactivate Mars>  It may only show you the delete button after a few minutes so be patient>  Delete it> Delete Original Communication Object>  Amend your new Communicate Object and call it Communication>  It will then update everything on its own.  Congrats you have a new badge.  It was recommended above to switch to Classic, I agree, I found it was quicker to process, but I kept switching back and forth to have the experience in both.  Good Luck!
James MotleyJames Motley
So, I fell in to the trap of not doing the Wizard in step 2 and could not find "Communications" in the last step.
Deleted everything and then started over.
Got to the last step, found "Communications" and then get "This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning Experience or Salesforce1." 

Tristan RhodesTristan Rhodes
WHen i click app launcher, then communications i get the error message "This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning Experience or Salesforce1."
I found a way round it without using classic:
Instead of clicking the app launcher, simply click "More" on the right hand side, then click "Communiations"
Do the same for the later task for "Groups" (i.e. click "more", then "groups" instead of applauncher then groups).
Once you have done this once, the methodology given in the Life on Mars task stage 4 DOES THEN WORK (if you re-try).
Doug Cyphers 7Doug Cyphers 7
While you're in Setup, search for "Tab", Click on Tab, create a new Tab by clicking on the "New" button in the Custom Object Tabs section and follow the directions from the lesson under "Make a Custom Tab".  It works then