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Rahul GoyalRahul Goyal 

Hi All, need help

Hi All, I have 3 columns on my VF page, one is Category, Sub-Category and the thrid one is Route to. Category and sub category is dependent pick list and route to is a text field, for all the three field we are saving data in records and we are pulling in the VF page where Cateogry is read only field. now when user selects the Sub category field value, Route to field value should be chnaged dynamically. I am thinking to create a custom setting and store all these three fields values in 3 diff field in custom setting and then use in the code, But I am unable to start on it, could some one please assist on the same ?
Vivian Charlie 1208Vivian Charlie 1208

Hi Rahul,


Custom Setting

1. You can create a list custom setting with 1 custom field Route__c

2. Set Name as Category + SubCategory value

3. Set the Route__c based on what value must be displayed for each combination


  • Cat01+SubCat01 = Route 0101
  • Cat01+SubCat02 = Route 0102
  • Cat02+SubCat01 = Route 0201
  • Cat03+SubCat01 = Route 0101


VF Controller

1. Using Custom_Setting__c.getValues('SelectedValue'); (where SelecteValue = Cat01+SubCat01 selected by user on the VF page) fetch the Route__c value and set dynamically.