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Raghu RamanujamRaghu Ramanujam 

Lead Conversion Report

Hi All,

I want to created a Lead Conversion Report (Converted Percentage) based on Lead Owner and Lead Source.
How to create this report ??


karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

We measure both of these in our org. The report is quite easy to build.
         Create a new report using the "Leads with Converted Lead Information" report type.
          Pull in all fields that are of interest to you on the report and summarize by Converted.
          Change summary report or Matrix report pull the group by fileds (Lead Owner and Lead Ource).
          Build a custom formula field with the formula as follows: "CONVERTED:SUM / RowCount"
          Save the report.
   That will provide you with the Lead Conversion report. To see which of these Opportunities were Closed Won/Lost, clone the report and look at       just Closed Leads - summarize by Stage.

Hope this will help you

Raghu RamanujamRaghu Ramanujam
Thanks Karthik.

I found out a solution.