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SFDC developer999SFDC developer999 

Duplicate Rule - How to use matching criteria in matching rule

Please explain me how this matching criteria work in Duplicate Rule: 

  Contact: Email EXACT MatchBlank = FALSE) OR (Contact: MobilePhone EXACT MatchBlank = FALSE)

It is not preventing duplicate values in Email Address or MobilePhone .

How I can fix this rule to avoid duplicate values in email or mobilephone.


NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 

Please check with below links which have video demonstration and much more useful information which might help you to accelerate further. Please let us know if this helps.

Arvind KumarArvind Kumar
Hi sfdc,

I have attached one screen shot below. Please follow all the step which I have mentioned in the screen shot.
Your duplicate rule will work for the contact.

You have to make a duplicate rule and add a matching rule in this duplicate rule. Please take criteria which I have mentioned below & activate to matching rule & duplicate rule.

Matching Criteria: (Contact: EmailEXACTMatchBlank = TRUE) AND (Contact: MobilePhoneEXACTMatchBlank = TRUE)
User-added image

Please drop a message if you have any issue.

Arvind Kumar
SFDC developer999SFDC developer999
Hi Arwind,
 I am seeing the difference of your matching rule and mine is True in Contact: Email EXACT MatchBlank = TRUE
what does it mean when set to true? what does it mean Email EXACT MatchBlank = TRUE ?
thrinadh raothrinadh rao
Hi Sfdc,

I have created one custome object and in that i made one matching rule called website matich rule (If website name is matche, rule has to fire).But the moment when i activate the rule i got the message from salesforce saying that matching rule failed. Can you please help me any one for this issue.
Thanks & Regards