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Eric Anderson 54Eric Anderson 54 

related list multiple objects

It has been requested of me that I create a 'Related list' that can be shared to multiple objects that can be used for our time entry. Much like 'Files', 'Groups', 'Notes'  and 'Open Activities' show up in all 'Standard' and 'Custom' objects, my management wants me to create a 'Related list' format that will show up as being available for 'Planting' in any of the objects that we desire such as 'Accounts', 'Contacts' and so on as well as any 'Custom objects' that we may define.

Please let me know how I can do this.

Thanks! - Eric-
Abhishek M.Abhishek M.
Hi Eric,
The related list are only available when the two objects involved shares any relationship (say - lookup or master-detail).
Also, related list are available on Parent object's page layout, only if the other object is the child of it by lookup or master-detail.

To add the related list to any object's page layout, you first need to define the relationship between the two.

- Hope this helps
Eric Anderson 54Eric Anderson 54
I am able to relate my Time entry 'Related list' to a 'Requests' object without a problem My question is, that it appears that I can only relate a list (In this case 'Time entry') to only one object  such as 'Requests'. If I want to relate 'Time entry' to 'Accounts' for instance, it appears that I have to remove the relationship of the Time entry 'Related list' from 'Accounts' and then redefine it to 'Accounts'. Is this correct, or is there something else that I can do so that I can use the 'Time Entry' related lists against multiple objects.

Please advise. Thanks!