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Steve Gilbert 13Steve Gilbert 13 

Can get records to pull through a flow

I have a custom object called ATI Innovation Ideas that I am trying to use a flow to assign to a queue once the submission has passed the aproval process. Everything up to the records being pulled into the flow words as it should be the flow is not pulling in the records after the status = approved. I have it set as:

Part 1)
Lookup: ATI Innovation IDeas
            Field Idea_Status = Approved

            I have the varID in there as the 1st ron without any changes. 
          There is a sovInnovation created that does pull in the needed fields
Part 2)
Desion:  Should devide the records based on department

Part 3)  
Bsed on #2 they would then be assigned to the related queues based on their department which then sends an email notification to the submitter..

Need some ideas as this just is not pulling for me.

Steve Gilbert 13Steve Gilbert 13
 got it