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update a field on account if the record is created by certain profile


I have below object
 CustomPicklist__1 (values: abc, def, ghi)
 Custom1__c (formula: values can be AB or BC or IL or US )

I am writing a process builder with this entry criteria
NOT($User.ByPass_WF__c) &&
NOT(ISNULL([Account].Custom1__c)) &&
CONTAINS("IL:US", [Account].Custom1__c )
OR($Profile.Name == 'XYZ',$Profile.Name == 'ZZ1')
When the entry criteria is passed then the CustomPicklist__1  is set to abc ( CustomPicklist__1 =abc)

I am not able to specify the profile name in process builder.

Is there any way to implement the usecase.
I want to do it with process buider if not then Trigger

thanks for suggestion
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Vivian Charlie 1208Vivian Charlie 1208

Hi Sandrine,


You cannot traverse the relationship values during inserts, since references have not been set unless the record is inserted. Any attempt to access Owner.Profile.Name results in a flow exception.


Instead you can use a workflow. For the workflow field update you can use a formula to check the owner profile


IF(Owner.Profile.Name = 'System Administrator', 'Admin', 'Non Admin')

Similarily you can add your other necessary checks. Only if this does not suffice should you opt for a trigger.