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Candice Chu 19Candice Chu 19 

Opportunity Contact Role Logic


I'm trying to figure out how I can best accomplish this scenario. 

Our opportunities will have a Primary Contact Role associated as well as possibly 1 or 2 other contact roles. 

We have Dials counter/logic that increments on the Contact level.  We also have a Date/Time stamp for that.

On the Opportunity, we would like to increment the opportunity "Dials" field whenever ANY Contact Role associated has acitivity --> IF Date/Time stamp ISCHANGED on any of the associated contacts, then increment the dials on the opportunity. 

I have tried doing this in Process builder but no luck.  

Has anyone experienced a similar scenario?  If so, has anyone been able to achieve this without writing an Apex Trigger?  We don't have developer resources so I'm trying my best to find a way to do this without code.