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Lew HollerbachLew Hollerbach 

How to check whether person is a donor

We use SF as our system of record, recording all donors to the organization. We also have a website for the organization.What we'd like to be able to do is the following:
  1. A person signs in on our website
  2. The website in turn, via whatever APIs, connects with our SalesForce instance, sending username + password over
  3. The person's username or other credentials is checked against the person's donor/Contact record in SalesForce
  4. Some kind of code is sent back to our website, to allow the donor to, for example, get preferential pricing or gain some other benefit by virtue of being a donor.
Is the above scenario implementable in some fashion? How would you suggest we go about doing so? And if not, what alternatives would you suggest?
Thank you very much!
Abhishek M.Abhishek M.
Hi Lew,
You can implement force.com sites.
This allows you to create public websites and host it in IFrame on other websites.
Please refer the following URL,

- Hope this helps
Lew HollerbachLew Hollerbach
Thanks for the reply. However, Force.com sites isn't the best solution. Instead, we'd rather do it the "old fashioned" way, the way the Force.com site describes: "In the past, to make this data available to the general public, you had to set up a Web server, create custom Web pages (JSP, PHP, or other), and perform API integration between your site and your organization." Setting up a Web server and creating custom pages is no problem; but where do we learn about the API integration?