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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

Permission sets - Fields still showing for non -assigned users

Hello I created a permission set for 4 users in my org. They are supposed to be the only ones with access to certain fields within an object. I went and created a persmission set, assigned the object fields and then assinged the set to the users. When I login using another user that is not in the permissions set I still am able to see and edit the fields. What am I doing wrong? I did the tutorial that SF offers to set this up, so I didn't miss any steps as this was a guided tour that pointed you where to click. It's called a walk thru: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=perm_sets_overview.htm&type=0
Please check the profile of logged in user, may be you have given access to fields on profile level as well.

Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3
What do they need to be changed to? Right now They seem to have basic and data administration checked.