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Brianna BollettieriBrianna Bollettieri 

Visual force page for a custom object

Hi, I'm working on creating a visual force page for a custom object I created. When I go to save it, it says that the standard controller is unknown. I used the full API name.

Apex Class

public with sharing class salescoachingRedirect {

VF Page
<apex:page standardController="Sales_Coaching_Note__c" extensions="salescoachingRedirect" action="{!redirect}" >

This is the error I'm getting: Error: Unknown method 'Coaching_Note__cStandardController.redirect()'

I only put the first line for the apex class and VF page because they are both really long, but if you need it I don't mind pasting it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gurpreet Singh PanesarGurpreet Singh Panesar
Hi Brianna,
Sales_Coaching_Note__c is your Object.
If you save your VF page with
 <apex:page standardController="Sales_Coaching_Note__c " extensions="salescoachingRedirect">
it will save easily.

The action you would call inside apex page action="{!redirect}" will also be present inside your class salescoachingRedirect
public with sharing class salescoachingRedirect {

    public salescoachingRedirect(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {

    public void redirect(){

        // Your Logic Here
If you use this class without any logic, your Visualforce page will save without giving any error.

Gurpreet Singh PanesarGurpreet Singh Panesar
Hi Brianna,

Yes, there is an error on your Visualforce page on line number 13,28,41,51,60 & 68
<apex:repeat value="{!$ObjectType.Sales Coaching Note.fieldsets.Score}" var="fieldValue">
You cannot use spaces in object, you should use correct Object Name with "__c
you can get the reference from this link
If you are getting the problem again then you would share your apex class named "salescoachingRedirect" as well. I'll try to solve your problem