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Tomasz SowinskiTomasz Sowinski with SOAP API enterprise WSDL

I am new to this.
I am trying to use upsert() method to load/edit contacts.
I have the contact created (contact object is presented by WSDL namespace) adn loaded with values.
Dim newContact As New SFServiceWSDL.Contact
, but when I put it into the method as parameter it complains that
Value of type 'SFSOAPForm.SFServiceWSDL.Contact' cannot be converted to '1-dimensional array of SFSOAPForm.SFServiceWSDL.sObject'
it wants an sObject, which contacts should be.
I am stuck on it for 3 days now. All the info out there does not seem to correspond with what I am seeing on my screen
My WSDL version is 39 (I think).

Did you try passing an array of contacts?
Tomasz SowinskiTomasz Sowinski
I tried different things, loading contact into array of sObjects and passing that array as well.
The compiler complains about conversion, as I indicated before.
My main problem I am having is the fact that nothing that I see in a way of documentation works with what I am seeing on my screen.
Is there a documentation for namespaces created by importing WSDL?
I think that this a main issue – I do not know where things live and what they are supposed to do, since I do not have accurate documentation.
First and foremost, the query(), querymore() and upsert() methods that are mentioned in the examples and documentation take one or two parameters.
Ones that I am looking at take 4, for query and 17(!!!) for upsert.
I am either using different methods or the documentation is for a different product.