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remote site settings and connected app

Please tell me the difference between remote site settings and connected app.

I guess :

* if we need to make out bound messages and call out API (SOAP/REST), we need to define the external url in remote site settings.
* If external systems need tpo connect to salesforce, we define them in connected app.

did I miss anything? 

krishna dadikrishna dadi
Remote Site Settings:
  • Enables callout to external site (from Salesforce), when Site URL is added to remote site setting.
  • Example: For making callout to a external URL, it must be registered to remote site. Otherwise the call would simply fail.
Connected apps:
  • Used for making connection from outside to Salesforce.
  • Example: For accessing Salesforce from third party app, a connected app can be used by them to make a connection and access Salesforce.
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Remote Site Settings: Whenever you want to access any external sites in your salesforce instance using webservices, callouts etc., you must have that in the Remote Site Settings.

Connected App: Used for making the connection from outside to Salesforce.

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