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Brianna BollettieriBrianna Bollettieri 

Approval Process- different approvers based on different criteria not working

Hi, I've been working on creating an approval process off of a custom object. The approver is dependent upon the amount and at times a value from another field called Event Type. I've attached a screenshot of the approval process. I also have a process builder created to trigger this approval automatically and that process builders criteria is just the record type of the object.

When I tested this approval, I could only get the first approval step to trigger properly. Any other step that I tested, simply said that it was approved by the record owner, it wouldn't follow the approval steps. I keep trying to change things around but I can't seem to figure it out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Brianna BollettieriBrianna Bollettieri
If you right click on the picture and select open image in new tab, it'll be the actual size of the image so you can actually see whats there.