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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

Process Builder Issues with updating records

I have a couple of processes to bring over info from one object to another and then from that object to a last one. Object 1, 2 and 3

First process is set that if Object 1 is not null, then certain fields are brough over thru a Reference to object 2. Then Object 3 has another process to bring that info from object 2 to 3. 

I tried editing object 2 and it won't let me, after saving the info reverts to whatever was on object 1. I thought that process allowed you to make changes to the fields. Second, the changes to object 2 DO reflect in object 3. So for example

Object 1 - Field value is set to 32
Object 2 - Field Value is set to 32
Object 3 - Field value is set to 32

Then I make a change in objectg 2 the new value is 55
Object 2 does not  change, after saving it still shows 32

However object 3 is now showing a value of 55

If I change object 1 to 55 - then all 3 change

What I want to do is be able to change object 2 and have the value that we want there. How can I edit the process so that it shows that? 

Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7

there might be some automation on obj 2 which is taking reference from obj 1.

Please check all automations on obj 2

Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3
How do I check it? I only have a few processes and for this one there is only one version active 
Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7
plz check in action, if field on obj2 is updated by field on obj1
Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3
Where do I find action? I'm not sure I see that section in process builder? Need more guidance please 
Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7

Please find the link below for process builder and attached screen shot for "Immediate Action"



User-added image


Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3
This is what I see: 

It does work because object 2 gets the fields from object 1 when I start object 1. However, If I change object 2 it reverts to the original Objectg 1 field info 

User-added image