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Howard IkenHoward Iken 

Filter VF inline related list

Is it possible to filter a VF inline related list?

My vf page consists of:

<apex:page standardController="advpm__Matter__c" title="Matter: {!advpm__Matter__c.Name}" id="pg">
  <apex:relatedList list="Cash_Receipts__r"/>

I would like to exclude records based on one of the displayed fields.

Abhishek M.Abhishek M.
Hi Howard,
To filter VF inline related list, you need to write an extension to that vf page, like as folllows,

<apex:page standardController="advpm__Matter__c" title="Matter: {!advpm__Matter__c.Name}" id="pg" extension="testExtension">
  <apex:relatedList list="cashReceiptsList"/>

where; cashReceiptsList is the filtered list.

- Hope this helps.